PUBLIKA EcoMonth and MapFest 2017

The Eco Month posterThe Eco Month has finally come to an end! The EcoKnights annual event, EcoMonth was successfully held on the two weekends, 18th-19th March and 25th-26th March at Publika Shopping Gallery, with a series of activities including Eco Workshop, the Green Market, Get Organic Market (G.O. Market), Busking Session, Eco Film Screening and Biodiversity Pavilion.

p2 copyThe major attraction for Eco Month is the Green Market which aimed to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (Goal 12) under the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).  In total, we have 48 vendors selling various green products, attracting more than 1000 customers from all walks of life.  The first weekend focused generally on the Green Market, while on the second weekend we have an additional of Get Organic Market whereby the vendors showcased their organic products.  The Good Shop collaborated with us for the Green Market on the second weekend of Eco Month to diversify the green products.  Together with the Green Market, the Biodiversity Pavilion served as a platform for the NGOs to promote and raise funds for their organisations.

p3Another prominent activity of EcoKnights for the Eco Month is the Eco Film-Screening, whereby it attracted the public to revel in a cinematic pleasure of environmental protection.  The film screening comprised of numerous environmental themes which are Energy, Cultural and Indigenous Community, Climate Change as well as Wildlife and Nature.

p4The Eco Workshop was conducted at the Blue Bridge, Publika Shopping Gallery from 12pm-8pm on both weekends.  There was a total of 10 workshops conducted by 6 different NGOs: EcoKnights, MENGO, GEC, POPTANI, iCYCLE and Biji-biji Initiative.  All of the workshops were environment-related workshops ranging from upcycling, inspirational talk, knowledge sharing session and practical activities with the main purpose of promoting environmental awareness and knowledge to the general public.  Overall, there were more than 150 participants who joined the workshops and they got to learn the simple know-how of various green habits and practices.

p5For the Busking Session, it was held under the Black Bridge, Publika. The Busking Session played a strategic role for visitors to hang around and relax with their friends and families while enjoying live performances from local and talented musicians. The busking session comprised of 9 local musicians ranging from solo performance to bands, with 4 slots of performance each day. On the second weekend of Eco Month, we collaborated with CyClean Energy for the Pedal Powered and Performance (P.P.A.P). whereby the general public cycled to generate clean energy for the busker’s performance. 

p6Overall, EcoKnights would like to send our deepest gratitude to our notable partner, Publika for making this event a successful one.  A massive thank you to all of the Eco Volunteers, vendors, sponsors, buskers, NGOs and respectable stakeholders who have been with us throughout this whole event. Let us work harder and combine efforts for more sustainable projects in the future.  Thank you!


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