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On 1st April 2017, EcoKnights collaborated with the F.R.E.E Association committee from HELP University to organize a programme called ‘The Green Starter Pack’. This programme is a great first step for the University students to practice sustainable living. The Green Starter Pack consists of several interesting eco-friendly activities such as film screening, workshops, and group discussion. For the film screening, we showed a total of three environment-related films together with a post-film discussion among the students. This is to encourage them to discuss and talk about important environmental issues that have been happening around the world. Other than that, we conducted two of Ecoknights’ signature workshops which are Mould Your Own Seed Bomb and Make Your Own Household Cleaning Agent: Eco-Enzyme.

Prior to this program, the students were notified to collect and bring a target of 100kg recyclable items such as bottles, plastics, electronic waste and any non-food items. This is to promote and encourage them to take their own initiatives towards sustainability which is through recycling. The F.R.E.E Association committee played an incredible role as they help to create environmental awareness among students by conducting this Green Starter Pack together with the recyclable campaign.


On the day of the programme, The EcoKnights team together with the F.R.E.E Association committee have combined efforts in ensuring a smooth flow of the programme, from accommodating the film screening sessions to conducting the workshops session. A total of 32 students have participated in this programme which are then divided into four big groups of people.



During the workshop of Mould Your Own Seed Bomb, the participants learned how to make lumps of seed bomb which consists of mud, fertilizer and fruit seeds. This method of planting seeds is a new method of farming that encourages the students to get closer with nature and have hands-on experience in farming.



Apart from that, we also taught the participants how to make their own eco-friendly cleaning agent for household use, called Eco-enzyme. Eco-enzyme is a multipurpose solution that is useful and beneficial to the environment. It’s a complex solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable odds and ends), sugar (brown sugar) and water. Since conventional cleaning products usually contain harmful chemicals such as phosphate, nitrates, ammonia, chlorine etc. which can cause significant damage to the environment, we turn to this alternative solution as it helps to reduce chemical pollution to our water bodies, with its function as air purifier, laundry detergent, insect repellent and many more.

In a nutshell, everyone went back with a new input and experience. At the final slot, the EcoKnights team together with the F.R.E.E Association committee had a photo session with all of the participants. We hope that more university students can be the pioneer for the green movement in Malaysia and strive for a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle.


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