Vendor application for Green Market is closed.

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It’s a full house! A massive thank you to all responsive green vendors who have reached us for Green Market and Get Organic Market (G.O. Market).

Calls were made, booths were selected and vendors have registered, we are now officially closed! The response has been wild and we truly appreciate all your support and interest in boosting green products, services and sustainability-themed efforts for Green Market and G.O Market. For your information, we have a short waiting list ready for possible vendors as the word “nature” would suggest, unfavourable circumstances do happen. Immediate treatment will be given to the lucky party on top of the list. Nevertheless, need not fret as you can always come by our event as we have great green vendors covering a range of sustainable themes.

The Green Market will showcase latest green products, services and sustainability-themed initiatives by green business, social entrepreneurs and local NGOs. The G.O. Market, as the name entails, will showcase latest organic products from green crop to natural fertilizers. The Good Shop is a Malaysian social enterprise that carries lovely products and creations from social entrepreneurs and organizations. The Biodiversity Pavilion by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will hold booths for local NGOs to interactively engage with the public to ensure sustainable biodiversity in Malaysia.

Interested in knowing more? Drop by our event and engage with us! Thank you again for your wave of support and confidence in our annual project of sustainability. We look forward to cross one’s path, hopefully in the near future!

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