The Ecoknights Green Market is back and calling for vendors

gm poster sm Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on 22nd March, a day event which are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The main purpose of Earth Day is to unite people of many different cultures for a purpose to care for the earth. 

Publika Shopping Gallery has been organising Earth Month in conjunction with Map Fest in March annually which promotes environmental awareness and sustainability. EcoKnights have been partners with Publika since year 2014 and for year 2017, we’d planned a variety of environmental-oriented activities to reach out to bigger masses. The Green Market will take place during the two weekends from March 18th till March 26th, which coincidentally falls on school holidays.

The Green Market will showcase latest green products, services and sustainability-themed initiatives. Green Market is a strong advocate for attractive green products, creates a new kind of infotainment, building bridge for sustainable consumption and production, also known as sustainable development goals.

In 2017, Green Market continues, with the collaboration between Publika Shopping Gallery, EcoKnights and The Good Shop as per previous year.
  • More than 5000 eco-conscious visitors throughout the festival.
  • More than 30 exhibitors showcasing the latest green products, services and sustainability-themed efforts

Green Market Dates

  • Weekends: 18th- 19th March and 25th-26th March 2017 (12pm-8pm)

Green Market Location

  • Red Zone (18th- 19th March and 25th-26th March 2017)
  • Blue Zone (25th-26th March 2017 only)
  • The Square (25th-26th March 2017 only)

The Green Market invites businesses, not-for-profit and charity businesses, community groups, food vendors and government exhibitors to be part of this effort. 

Expression Of Interest

If you are interested in applying please fill out an expression of interest form, we will review your request and contact you shortly after. If you are accepted we will email you a link to an online application form which will capture greater details about your organization.

Selection Process

EcoKnights will review your application based on a set criteria with the aid of positive and negative screening tools, and input from community groups with the required authority.

Green Market Themes

  • Home building, design & fittings – Solar, water, architecture, furnishings and appliances.
  • Lifestyle – Fair trade and organic clothing, chocolate, tea and coffee, healthy and sustainable diets, DIY repairs.
  • Bikes & Transport – Latest bikes and displays.
  • Gardening & food – Organic certified gardening products, recycled and reclaimed garden features and even a feature garden to sit in and listen to talks on gardening.
  • Feast Out – Featuring the most delicious selection of vegetarian and vegan, organic and local food and drink. The Green Market has everything from wholesome meals to delicious ice cream, organic coffee, tea and fruit juices.
  • Community groups & NGOs – All the leading advocacy groups working to make the world a better place. From international environmental and social NGOs to local community groups protecting endangered species and creating sustainable communities.


Ms. Malathi Sangaran, Green Market Coordinator
ph: (03) 7731 8361
mob: +(60)14-6045215


Green Market General FAQ

What are the Green Market dates?
Saturday- Sunday: 18th- 19th March and 25th-26th March 2017
Time: 12pm-8pm

How can I apply?
Complete an Expression of Interest Form. We will then review the EOI and send you a link to a full application if you have been accepted.

How much does it cost?
Booth space fee is RM300 per weekend and RM600 if you take both weekends (i.e. 4 days as of 18-19 March & 25-26 March). A refundable security deposit of RM200 is required and full amount (RM500 for 2 days or RM800 for 4 days) will have to be banked in to EcoKnights once your application is approved.

* Failure to commit throughout contract period will result in security deposit not be refunded.

What is the selection process?
EcoKnights will review your application based on a set criteria, with the aid of positive and negative screening tools, and input from community groups with the required authority.

When do I have to pay by?
Payment is required once you have been accepted as a vendor. You will be notified of this upon acceptance and an invoice will be sent.

How long will the selection process take?
Please be patient and understand that we will try to process your application as soon as possible, but it may take some time.

When do I find out my site location?
Your site location will be made available to you when you get your ‘Green Market Information Kit’ in late February.

What does ‘Signage Name’ refer to?
‘Signage name’ is the name that will appear on the sign that will be displayed above your exhibit on-site during the Green Market event.

When do I set up my exhibit?
You will be given a ‘Green Market Information Kit’ in late February detailing all logistics needs.

How do I pack up at the end?
Detailed information on how to pack up will be supplied in the ‘Green Market Information Kit’.

What are the booths like?
All the booths are of the same size and come with one plug point. Each booth will be given a table cloth and two chairs.

Do I need signage?
You will be provided with an exhibitor sign.

Will there be security onsite?
General security guards will patrol the Green Market site during the day and during the night. However we highly recommend not leaving expensive items in your space unattended.

Can I lock up my equipment?
No. Any equipment you leave onsite overnight will remain in your booth with the entrance tied down. Publika security will patrol the mall site overnight.

Can I hand out leaflets and signup people to lists?
Yes. However, you can only do this directly in front of your exhibitor site, otherwise you will be interfering with other exhibitors.

Can I bring my own furniture?
You are allowed to bring your set up equipment but must adhere to the rules and regulations from Publika, and most importantly to respect other vendor’s space and harmony.


Where can I park?
There is a car park available at Publika Shopping Gallery. However, all tickets payment is borne by the exhibitors.

Can I park an oversize vehicle?

When do I get my vehicle pass?
Vehicle pass is not required, you can park your vehicle inside Publika Shopping Gallery. However, you may drop off your items at the drop off area.

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