EcoKnights in W-Bridge Symposium, Waseda University


Since August 2016, EcoKnights has been very fortunate to be on board with a research team consisting of Waseda University Japan and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), under the Waseda-Bridge Programme. This team is currently researching on the bauxite mining development in Kuantan which became national news in 2015 due to the pollution caused by the mining activities. Both Waseda University and UTM are studying the technical parts whereas EcoKnights focuses on the social aspects of the bauxite mining development.

ns3On 16th January 2017, Yasmin and Nabila were given an opportunity to give a presentation on Environmental Issues in Malaysia: The Roles of NGOs, its Challenges and Opportunities, in the Symposium of W-Bridge Project: Countermeasures and Civic Actions for Environmental Issues in Malaysia and Japan. The 5-hour symposium was held in Ono Auditorium, Waseda University, joined by distinctive researchers, academics, environmental leaders and Waseda University students.

Also presented in the symposium were Mr. Tetsuro Yoshimoto, President of Jimotogaku-Network; Mr. Toshikazu Matsuoka, Chief of Environmental Department in Kita-Kyusyu City; Dr. Yuji Nagai, Chief Researcher of Environmental Research Institute, Waseda University; and Prof. Chiharu Tokoro from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. Below are the other topics presented during the symposium:

  • Mr. Tetsuro Yoshimoto –Development of Sustainable City Minamata by Citizens Corporation
  • Mr. Toshikazu Matsuoka –Efforts into Overcoming Pollution and to be Environmental Capital in Kita-Kyusyu City
  • Dr. Yuji Nagai – Efforts into Illegal Dumping Problem in Teshima
  • Prof. Chiharu Tokoro – Efforts into Mine Drainage Issues in Japan and Current Situation in Malaysia
  • Prof. Mohd Fadhil Md Din, UTM – Legal/Intuitional Framework of Mining Activities
  • Dr. Mohd Nadzri Md Reba, UTM – Roles of Geospatial Technology in Environmental Protection for Malaysian Bauxite Mining Study

The symposium was followed by a meeting between EcoKnights, Waseda University and UTM regarding the research on bauxite mining development in Kuantan. EcoKnights briefed the team on the preliminary results obtained by the first half of the social survey done to study the Malaysian youths’ perception on bauxite development in Kuantan. It was concluded that EcoKnights will be doing the survey in Kuantan, supported by UTM in mid-February before proceeding to data analysis and report writing.


In March 2017, there will be a stakeholder meeting in which EcoKnights will be presenting the report from the social survey before the moratorium ends on March 31st

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