Updates on Garbage to Garden Composting Program

Photo 1: Compost bin giving ceremony to the participants Photo 1: Compost bin giving ceremony to the participants

Launched last November (2016), EcoKnights’ Garbage to Garden program has been a great success. Supported by the Shell Sustainable Development Grant, the program is designed to educate and activate Malaysians to reduce their food waste disposal in to landfills by composting. 

To date, 350 backyard compost bins have been distributed and currently, we are busy with delivering workshops to communities in the Klang Valley. The distribution of the bins is divided in eight batches of distribution, and we are currently distributing the bins for those who have signed up for the bins and workshop under the third batch. 

To date, we have successfully completed 5 workshops at various locations and have given out 143 bins to the recipients. We published three workshop reports on different dates on our website. Check out the reports by clicking on the website links below for further information:


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