EcoKnights launches Garbage to Garden Composting Program to Encourage Urban Folks to Compost Food Waste

posterg2g16 December, 2016, Kuala Lumpur -- Based on Global Environment Centre's study, 23,000 tons of waste being thrown away in Malaysia every day. From the 23,000 tons, 15,000 tons is food waste or organic waste. An average Malaysian discards 500 grams of food waste a day cumulatively this adds to the pressure on the environment. Why does this happen? How do we deal with 15,000 tons food waste daily? 

Composting is the simplest and practical way to reduce food waste. Composting is nature's process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. You can reduce the garbage volume by composting. As stated, 60% - 80% of daily waste from a household is organic waste which can be composted. It will definitely reduce the space of the landfills cumulatively. For those who like to do gardening, compost can be used as a rich natural fertilizer and at the same time cuts back on use of chemical fertilizers while improving soil aeration and drainage.

With the support of the Shell Sustainable Development grant, EcoKnights will be conducting free workshops on backyard composting for urban folks. Additionally each workshop participant will take home a free 60L composting bin. Currently, EcoKnights has given away 50 compost bins to individuals, schools and residential area association. Since the last two weeks, the number of applicants has increased to 150 which indicate a positive response from the public. Syamim Asri, from EcoKnights is the Program Coordinator and is currently working with communities to introduce the composting program to them. 

syamim"Commitment is the key to everything. The Earth would never be sustained if we do not spare our effort and commitment for it’, says Syamim. "In 30 years of time, with such lifestyle and habit, our landfills cannot accept the waste anymore. Start composting now before it’s too late! With the support of Shell, we are able to provide free education activities and also provide interested members the compost bins for free," he added.

The ‘Garbage to Garden’ aims to encourage green lifestyles among Malaysians. In this program, EcoKnights is giving 360 free compost bin to schools, committed individual, residential areas or whoever whom would like to start their new lifestyle. This project aims to encourage Malaysian to start composting for the betterment of the environment. EcoKnights is ready to guide anybody who is keen to learn more about backyard composting, and how this small effort can make the planet a bit better. EcoKnights is also providing free consultation for this project within Klang Valley only. Kindly directly contact Mr Syamim at or call +603 7731 8361 to learn more about this program.

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