EcoKnights Engaged iM4U ASEAN Youths in a Series of Workshops

19th November, 2016, Kuala Lumpur – EcoKnights teamed up with PopTani Asia to host a series of workshops to empower and educate close to 28 international delegates from the APAC4U program hosted by iM4U recently. 

Conducted at the EcoKnights headquarters, the delegates were welcomed by the president and founder of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid, with a warm welcome and a brief introduction to the organization as well as the half day of workshops.

Photo 1: EcoKnights’ President and Founder, Yasmin Rasyid, giving welcoming remarks to the participants.Photo 1: EcoKnights’ President and Founder, Yasmin Rasyid, giving welcoming remarks to the participants.


Four workshops were organized to enhance the delegates’ understanding and appreciation on sustainability. The workshops were conducted by EcoKnights officers and interns, as well as an officer from PopTani Asia. The four workshops that benefitted the delegates were:

  1. Aquaponics workshop by Mr. Ashaari from PopTani Asia;
  2. Eco-enzyme workshop by Ms. Nabila from EcoKnights;
  3. Seed bomb workshop by Mr. Emirul from EcoKnights; and
  4. Backyard composting workshop by Mr. Syamim from EcoKnights.

In each workshop, the delegates were hands-on with the materials provided. In the aquaponics workshop by Ashaari Rahman for instance, the delegates got a chance to experience an urban farming program and learnt about the basics of aquaponics. They were later introduced to the process of making their own household cleaning agent from food waste such as fruit peels. Next was a workshop to address local and global food waste issues which is plaguing the globe in terms of carbon emission. The delegates were introduced to one method of food composting called the backyard composting method, which was a system installed in the EcoKnights office to reduce the organization’s disposal of food waste into landfills. 


Photo 2: Seedbomb workshopPhoto 2: Seedbomb workshop


Photo 3: Backyard composting workshopPhoto 3: Backyard composting workshop


Photo 4: Aquaponic workshopPhoto 4: Aquaponic workshop


Photo 5: participants eager to try out activitiesPhoto 5: participants eager to try out activities


The half day program ended with loads of fun conversations between the EcoKnights officers and the delegates and a scrumptious lunch was served while the delegates enjoyed the screening of short environmental films (“No Haze without Fire” by Sawit Watch, and “Sunset over Selungor” by Ross Harrison). These short films were winning films from past year’s Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival.

The films screened really opened up the eyes of the delegates in terms of their understanding of the impacts of palm oil on the planet in terms of haze, and also the issue of deforestation and its impact on the livelihood of indigenous communities. The screening of the films aimed to provide exposure to the delegates on the various challenges of addressing sustainability especially among the top industries of the planet – wood-based and palm oil-based industries. 


Photo 6: Going back happily with new knowledge learnt! Photo 6: Going back happily with new knowledge learnt!

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