EcoKnights Supports the Restoration of Sungai Bunus River Program with a Fruit Tree Planting Effort

9 October, Kuala Lumpur -- EcoKnights officers, interns and volunteers planted 15 fruit trees today at the newly announced Sungai Bunus Recreational Park. 

This effort is part of the Sungai Bunus LA21 KL program which is an effort driven by communities in KL to restore and rehabilitate the 9 km Sungai Bunus.

Sungai Bunus is one of the main tributaries of Sungai Klang and contributes to the pollution of Sungai Klang. Two main pollutants of Sungai Bunus are organic wastes from restaurants and eateries, and solid wastes like plastics. The river is currently classified under Class IV which means the river water is not suitable for body contact. 

This tree planting effort was conducted together with other partners of the Sungai Bunus LA21 KL such as Expressionz Sdn Bhd, Duta Rimba Malaysia, La Farge, among others. 

The tree planting effort is a small step towards raising public awareness on Sungai Bunus to build the necessary pressure to improve its current condition and to also gain the support of corporate partners to adopt parts of Sungai Bunus as part of their social responsibility efforts with their employees.

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