Inspiring sustainable living at the Penang Green Carnival

a1Figure 1: Our representative Jae Mie receiving the certificate of participation from Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

July 23rd – 24th, Penang -- EcoKnights recently partnered with the Penang Green Council for their Penang Green Carnival. The event was successfully held on the 23rd and 24th of July, 2016 with its aim being to promote green ideas, sustainable practices and strategies and showcase green technologies and organisations to members of the audience. A number of Penang officials graced the event with their presence including Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

About 30 booths were set up at the event, trying their best to educate the public on issues ranging from haze awareness to industrial waste management to home gardening. Children in green-themed costumes paraded down a catwalk during the children’s fashion show. A cooking workshop called I’m a Little Green Chef 2016 periodically filled the air with the delicious scents of baked goods. Meanwhile parents could enjoy visiting the booths, participating in quizzes and signing pledges. EcoKnights contributed to the hustle and bustle by running an eco-enzyme workshop, three movie screenings and setting up a booth at the event. 


a2Figure 2: Lhavanya enthusiastically sells off a compost bin.

The booth was set up to raise awareness about EcoKnights and our initiatives. Our interns explained to visitors about our goals and initiatives and introduced them to our two flagship events, the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) and Anugerah Hijau. KLEFF is Malaysia’s biggest eco film festival and receives hundreds of submissions from all over the world. With equally as widespread an audience, our aim is to educate and encourage the community to take steps towards a greener life here in Malaysia. 

a3Figure 3: Our interns having fun managing the booth. From left to right: Jae Mie, Tiqa, Nabila and Lhavanya.

Anugerah Hijau is an annual competition to promote green schools in Malaysia and we have participants from all over the country from states as far as Labuan and as near as Semenyih. A number of people seemed interested in the competition and asked if there were posters to take back to their own schools. Apart from this, EcoKnights also shared ideas and discussed ways in which we could all live a little bit greener with members of the public. One of these ways was through eco-enzymes.

Eco-Enzyme Workshop

a4Figure 4: Participants all ready to begin learning how to clean their homes cheaply.

Eco-enzymes are made from fruit peels, brown sugar and water. The fermentation process creates a solution that can be used for cleaning and agricultural purposes, among many others making it a great way to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals we use as well as reduce the amount of waste we throw. The workshop was a success with two of the interns leading 8 teams in a hands-on demonstration on how to make the enzyme solution. The materials were provided for by EcoKnights and the participants had to measure out the amounts themselves and make the solution. At the end of it the participants got to take home the bottles of ecoenzyme ready to begin the fermentation process.

a5Figure 5: Eco-enzyme is so easy to make even kids can do it.

Movie Screening

The three movie screenings featured both international and Malaysian films that ranged from public service announcements to feature films on global issues. The accompanying healthy seaweed snacks sponsored by Jasper Promenade were a hit with the audience.

The first film entitled Bag It is set in America and chronicled one man’s pledge to not use plastic bags. The movie tries to raise awareness about the negative effects of plastic and encourage people to change their daily habits to use less plastic in their lives.

a6Everyone chilling and watching our movies. Each movie screening is followed by a short discussion with the audience.

The second session featured a collection of short films such as Aku Plastik Kamu, On Borrowed Time, Don’t Burn Our Future, Lenyap, International Year of Family Farming, The Last Heritage and My Carbon Footprint. The session aimed to convey a range of environmental messages in a small and powerful package.

The third session was a full length feature film entitled Racing Extinction. It touched on many cases of species on the brink of extinction and the many causes. Its main message is that we need to take initiative to, at the very least, change ourselves if not try to actively fight extinction. One quote highlighted in the movie was “It is better to light just one candle than to curse the darkness” suggesting that some effort is better than none at all.

By Lhavanya Dharmalingam

Photos: Teoh Jae Mie

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