Let's Talk about Sustainable Consumption

Please join WWF-Malaysia and EcoKnights for a fascinating, interactive talk, which will help us understand the importance of sustainable consumption and how to work together to find collective ways to tackle unsustainable consumption.

Individuals, community groups, environmental NGOs, regulators, academics and others are invited to this talk, where four prominent speakers will be sharing their efforts in addressing sustainable consumption in their own industry. 

Join us for a positive, informative 1/2 day of discussion and awareness. 

Speakers include:

1) Giorgio Catucci - DHL

2) Anthony Tan - CETDEM

3) Dorin Yew - Kimberly-Clark

4) Gayathri - RSPO

Members of the public welcome. More information is found in the flier below:

WWFMY EK SC Event 2016small

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