Summary Report of Aveda Walk 4 Water on Sunday, 24th April 2016 at Publika

AVEDA Walk 4 Water was recently held at The Square, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. AVEDA Walk 4 Water 2016, with collaboration with Publika Shopping Gallery and AVEDA has attracted nearly 400 people to join this annual charity walk. The objective of this walk is raising funds to provide clean water for indigenous communities. This is part of EcoKnights’ effort, supported by AVEDA to also raise awareness on issues related to water accessibility, pollution and water availability through a joint project called Project H2O.

The images below describe the communication material for the walk: 

w4w2016 001

EcoKnights engages AVEDA and their partners through its social media platform by calling for registration and participation from public citizen.  Close to 400 participants joined the walk to show their sincere support upon this charity programme.

This walk is also supported overwhelmingly by corporates such as Estee Launder, Hair Atelier, RESTYLE+, Thomas & Guys, Min Salon, RSH Malaysia, Publika, RCS and last but not least DHL. There were 56 individuals who registered online to EcoKnights website. DHL managed to bring their employees and volunteers to come and support AVEDA Walk 4 Water with total of 160 participants. From AVEDA’s side was about 150 participants. The registration team also accepted about 20 participants who walked in to join the walk. They were approximately 50 children joined their parents to support and join activities prepared. Children below 12 years old were not required to register and they joined it for free.

The programme started as early at 7:00 am for registration and bibs drawing. Those who came early had their breakfast from small stall selling sandwiches and hot drinks which already opened at 6:45 am. Zumba dance performance attracted the crowd to take part before warm up session. Opening speech was given by Mr Dornald Tai, AVEDA representative, and also Founder of EcoKnights, Mrs Yasmin Rasyid. Warm up session was handled by celebrity, Jojo Struys who represented AVEDA. She was also the emcee throughout the programme. 

w4w2016 002

Participants were required to finish two laps during the walk, and were also given a stamp for each lap finished. Bananas were provided for the participants to boost their energy and also water station. They can get free water, but for those who did not bring any water container, participants have to pay RM1.00 for every paper cup given. Participants also took chance to make their pledge on the pledge board. In an hour, the pledge was full of colourful thumbprints from participants. A pop quiz was done by Jojo Struys and also awards for the best and creative bib. 

Overall, the walk was a success as it attracted so many people to support the water related issues problem solving. We have successfully collected RM15,260 from tickets sold and also donation from various parties. Not to mention that not just we managed to achieve the target, in fact we obtained more than earlier expectation. This donation obtained from participants will be converted to a water harvesting system in rural communities soon. 

Please refer to Appendix 1 for a Detail Listing of the participants from EcoKnights website. 

Please refer to Appendix 2 for some pictures of the two weekends of the Green Market. 

Please refer to Appendix 3 for the EK-initiated media mileage (radio Traxx FM interview, Durian Asean interview and also promotion on Facebook


APPENDIX 1: Detail listing of all vendors who participated in the Green Market Sales Revenue, including their Feedback Forms

NoNameDonated Funds
1 Jennifer Koay Swee Gek
Eleanor Khoo PL
RM 60
2 Sharon Khoo Tzen Jin
Lim Ai Yee
RM 60
3 Zarin Abdul Aziz RM 30
4 Tulip Azalea RM 30
5 Abbyrami Raja Retinam
Wong Siok Ting
Liew Khai Er
RM 90
6 Chan Nee Pei RM 30
7 Lee Leng Leng RM 30
8 Cheryl Chow May Ching
Fiona Chow May Peng
RM 60
9 Fauziah Hanim Binti Hizam Shah   Ronita Hanim Binti Radzi RM 60
10 Leow Hooi Chu
Joanne Leong
RM 60
11 Gan Kai Hong RM 30
12 Gan Cheng Yin
Khor Su Wern
RM 60
13 Hoi Khin Meng
Ang Chooi Yee
RM 60
14 Noraizah Gen Mohd Ariffm
Suraya Jasmin Bt Adnan
RM 60
15 Aang Soo Ling
Tan Shea Lee
Goh Ng
RM 90
16 Ooi Bee Ing RM 30
17 Yap Lee Chuen
Yap Lee Wei
Yap Lee May
RM 90
18 Lim Kok Mun
Wang Mei Chian
Lim Min Yeen
RM 90
19 Shirley Choong
Michael Chay
RM 60
20 Thong Mui Ling RM 30
21 Norazian Binti Nordin
Neoh Lik Hoey @ Lui Lik Hoey
RM 60
22 Ng Shee Ho RM 30
23 Yoke Mun RM 30
24 Olivia Caitlin Fernando
Rachel Elyssa Fernando
RM 60
25 See Chiang Lai
Choo Mun Wei
RM 60
26 Jazz Thay RM 30
27 Chong Kuan Wai RM 30
28 Tan Aiping RM 30
29 Lee Siew Tee RM 30
30 Wong Wai Sum
Gan Kah Jin
RM 60
31 Lica Yap
Karen Yap
RM 60
32 Meg Baxter
Joan O'donnell
RM 60
33 Gnoh Gnar Wooi RM 30
34 Wong Wai Ling
Yap Siew Yoong
RM 60


Appendix 3: EK-Initiated Media Coverage

w4w2016 031


w4w2016 032

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Social Media promotion on Ecoknights website

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Prepared by Syamim Asri

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