Green Flag For Anugerah Hijau Roadshow Drops At SMK Taman Desa 2 In Rawang!

On the 31st of March 2016, EcoKnights started their annual Roadshow in coordination with the annual Anugerah Hijau school competition. This year’s theme is Green Schools and EcoKnights is looking for the “greenest” school in terms of three aspects: School Farming (Urban Farming-Concept), Recycling, and Energy Reduction and Efficiency.

The first school for the annual Roadshow was SMK Taman Desa 2, a new school only recently found eight years ago. The school is located in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, Selangor.


EcoKnights sent two presenters, Bazil and Zharif, to give a talk/workshop session about “Saving Our Planet”. The pair arrived almost an hour early and were treated to lunch by the teacher supervisor, Puan Nasbiah, who was also the Living Skills teacher and teacher supervisor for the Rainwater Harvesting System and Living Skills workshop that was built about two years ago.


After lunch, Bazil, Zharif, and Puan Nasbiah made their way to the school library where the talk was going to be held. From two classes, a total of about fifty students were present, considered as the “First class” of forms 1 and 2.


The talk started at about 1.10pm in the afternoon, and began with Bazil introducing himself, Zharif, and EcoKnights. Bazil then started the “Save Our Planet” presentation with an engagement ice-breaker activity, a question; “What do you think are environmental problems?”

rw4 rw5

The talk went on similarly, with an activity for questions similar to the first. Of course, there were always those one or two cheeky kids who tried to give funny answers such as “Jangan Bernafas”(Stop Breathing) for the question of “How do you think you can help the environment”. 


Eventually, the interactive-talk session ended and Bazil started explaining about the 2016 Anugerah Hijau competition. With a plethora of questions (mostly by another one of the teacher advisors present, Puan Nadiah) answered, the talk was closed by Puan Nadiah with a few tokens of appreciation to Zharif and Bazil by Puan Nasbiah... 

rw7  rw8

...before taking a group picture.

rw9  rw10
*Unprofessionally, we got engrossed into cleaning up we forgot to ask for a group picture with all the students before most of them left.

And that concluded our Roadshow talk to SMK Taman Desa 2. With final goodbyes to Puan Nasbiah and Puan Nadiah, the pair of EcoKnights officials departed the school and headed back to Taman Tun.

Prepared By,

Bazil Shahriman
Programme Intern

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