AVEDA Walk For Water 2016


Water is the basic necessity for living but unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to ready access of clean water. Clean water is scarce in some developing nations. Women and children have to walk an average of 3km everyday in rural cities to collect water.

On 24th April 2016, AVEDA will be working hand in hand with EcoKnights to raise funds and awareness among the participants and public on issues related to water accessibility, pollution and water availability through their Project H2O. Join AVEDA in spreading awareness towards taking environmental responsibility to treasure water. For this round, we need at least 500 people to support this effort to raise RM15,000 for EcoKnights to build rainwater harvesting system for the rural communities in Malaysia.

For the fourth consecutive year, Aveda Malaysia will organize Walk for Water 2016 together with EcoKnights. This year the Walk for Water wild be held on:

Date: Sunday, 24th April 2016

Time: 7.30am – 10.30am

Venue: The Square, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Ticket: RM30 per ticket (each ticket entitles a special AVEDA Travel Care Kit worth RM60*)

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This charity event also aims to be an educational and engaging platform to alert Malaysians on the local and global water crisis that are affecting populations especially in rural and less developed areas. Children and family of all ages are encouraged to participate.


The 2016 AVEDA Walk for Water campaign will support Project H2O initiated by EcoKnights. Many marginalized communities around Malaysia are not as privilege as urbanites and many of them don't have access to clean drinking water. In addition, such marginalized communities (especially the women) are also in need of water education to help their families to understand the need to ensure that their families are consuming safe drinking water.

Project H2O aims to provide education on water safety and address health issues related to water. In addition, Project H2O will be channeling water filtration systems to various communities, with its aims to provide:

  1. Either rainwater harvesting system, water pump system or water filtration system which will provide accessibilities to the beneficiaries for their personal consumption;
  2. Provide informal and systematic education on safe drinking water for the beneficiaries; and
  3. Water-related education and activities as an alternative source of water for daily use (except for consumption)


You can also support Aveda’s Walk for Water by purchasing a “Light the Way” candle at their stores.


w4w1Light the Way™ Candles are housed in 100% reclaimed glass beverage bottles and outer cartons are fabricated from 90% post‑consumer recycled (PRC) paperboard, with a portion made from Aveda make-ready materials (sheets of scrap paper that would normally go into the recycling stream). Each brilliant candle is redolent with a pure flower and plant aroma created from 100% certified organic ginger and ginger lily from India. Made from 100% naturally-derived soy wax, the 2016 Light the Way™ Candle burns cleanly and completely, infusing the air with over 27 hours of its warm and spicy aroma.

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