Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production through the Green Market at Publika (17-19 March and 26-27 March)

EcoKnights inspire sustainable living through responsible consumerism

The popular urban market, the Green Market, a collaboration among EcoKnights, the Good Shop and Publika, is in its 3rd year.

Due to the overwhelming and positive responses from the public, EcoKnights is kicking off the first and second series of the Green Market on two weekends in the month of March.

The Green Market will take place from 19th-20th March, and also again from 26th-27th March inside Publika Mall.

greenmarket2016 picLast year's Green Market featured an NGO that promotes waste reduction and upcycling. Children had fun learning to use a juicycle - an upcycled bicycle connected to a blender that made watermelon juice for sale. Consumers were required to cycle to make their own juice.Since 2013, the public has been able to enjoy a variety of great sustainable products and services from prepared foods, pick up farm-fresh garden produce, and even purchase upcycled items. In addition, the public will also be able to get the chance to know their local environmental and social NGOs and their on-going efforts in promoting sustainability to the masses.

The Green Market will take place from 10 am to 10 pm.

Members of the public are advised to bring their own shopping bags as all the exhibitors will be abiding to the Waste Wise rule where the exhibitors are required to minimize their waste output from the Green Market.

Program Director of EcoKnights, Fadly Bakhtiar, mentioned, “The Green Market is our contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal Number 12, Sustainable Consumption and Production. In order for peaceful communities to thrive, we must engage in sustainable consumption and responsible production”.

“All of us need to work towards sustainable consumption and production, whether individually, in our work, or at national levels. Although this sort of idea has been gaining traction for some time now, huge amounts still need to be done to cut back on current levels of waste and over-consumption,” added Fadly.




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