EcoKnights Launches 2016 Services Catalogue

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Many people know EcoKnights simply as the people who put on the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) and the Anugerah Hijau youth competition. While EcoKnights is proud to be associated with two of its most successful programs, they also want the public to know that they provide a wide variety of other environmental programming and services.

To showcase their services and accomplishments, EcoKnights has recently developed a 2016 Services Catalogue made readily available for the public. The catalogue gives a comprehensive look into EcoKnights operations and highlights the ways in which EcoKnights can help your business, school, or community with environmental projects and programmes!

Whether you’re part of an organization with ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, a school celebrating Earth Week, or a community hoping to screen a few environmental films, EcoKnights can bring its environmental message and know-how right to your door.

You can find the catalogue here to get information about EcoKnights’ programs, workshops and activities.

EK 2016 Workshop Catalog1

EK 2016 Workshop Catalog2

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