EcoKnights Celebrates Allianz's 125th Anniversary with Workshops and Programs on Sustainability at FRIM

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August, 1, Kuala Lumpur -- Allianz Malaysia celebrated its 125th anniversary today at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) with a special theme on sustainability. 

The celebration was organized jointly with EcoKnights as Allianz's partner in their internal program called "Journey to Sustainability", an effort under EK's new campaign "Sustainability in Business". 

Close to 1,000 Allianz employees showed up for the celebration and as part of the company's effort to instill a sense of appreciation and awareness on sustainability, ten talks and workshops were organize to enrich the experiences of their employees. Each talk or workshop were replicated every two hours to provide adequate time and space for the employees to participate. 

From a workshop on backyard composting to aquaponics, rainwater harvesting to growing an edible garden, more than 600 Allianz employers benefitted from the activities lined up. 

Other NGOs and enterprises that participated include Wild Asia, Biji Biji Initiative, PopTani Asia, The Lord's Garden, Tanamera Tropical Spa, Tatana Roots, MENGO and iCycle. 

In addition, 125 indigenous tree saplings were also planted to symbolize Allianz's 125th anniversary. 

We would like to thank Allianz for choosing to work with EcoKnights

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