World Environment Day at Sunway Iskandar

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by Baviniaraj Rajendran (EcoKnights intern)

“Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care.” This was the theme for the 2015’s World Environment Day, an initiative by the UNEP to promote global awareness for the need to protect our planet and this year, the idea revolved around the need to consume wisely.

In light of this, the Master Community Developer or better known as Sunway Property celebrated World Environment Day with its partner EcoKnights. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day fit right in with Sunway’s #GoGreenLah initiative to turn Sunway Iskandar into Nature’s Capital City by adopting over 75,000 trees across its 1,800 acres of township. This effort was applauded by the Ambassador of the United States to Malaysia, Ambassador Joseph Y Yun during his 6 days cycling expedition where he made a pit stop at Sunway Iskandar with the rest of his delegates.

The event was kicked off with a speech by Sunway’s Corporate Advisor, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Ramon Navaratnam followed by the Ambassador himself whom later on  visited the education corner set up by the non-profit organisation, EcoKnights, as part of their efforts to educate and raise awareness about the need for sustainability. EcoKnights and MENGO’s efforts to promote sustainability via greater green initiatives received great support and this is evident from the presentation of RM 60,000 to the organisations made on that eventful day.

At the education booth, the President of EcoKnights provided mind invoking explanations to the Tan Sri, Ambassador and Mrs Ambassador in relation to matters of sustainability and how consumers can better their consumption which would not only benefit the environment but themselves. The event was followed by exciting outdoor activities where the VIPs cycled around the majestic Emerald Lake, where they then released local fishes and adopted different types of fruit trees which will be planted in the respective parks at Sunway Iskandar. All these activities were carried out to signify sustainability and wiser consumption of natural resources.

In a nutshell, this event as a whole was highly beneficial, efficient and strategic at the same time. This is because, the event was well planned out to bring together parties of great global influence under one roof to raise environmental awareness. The activities such as cycling around the lake, releasing fishes and planting of trees were not carried out for the sake of the media or to simply fill out the available time slots but it conveys the greater idea of how human beings share a special bond with the environment and by taking steps to sustain it; we will be able to reap greater benefits. In addition to that, it also signified an important milestone reached in raising awareness in the most crucial sector of a country’s economy which is development. Based on the efforts by Sunway, it can be said that there is growing awareness for sustainability in this sector as it does not only promote the well-being of the residents and community as a whole but it is highly profitable to the developers themselves in the long run. It is believed that with the help of Sunway as the “green” trend setter, other existing developers can take precedence from this to better their plans on development to bring it in line with the ideas of wiser consumption and sustainability. As put forth by Mahatma Gandhi, “A good man is a friend to all living things”, what better way for mankind to strive for goodness than by ensuring that the places we live in are constructed in a way that is satisfactory and sustainable not just for ourselves but the environment as a whole in the long run.

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