EcoKnights stopped by INTI International College Subang

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On April 22, EcoKnights’ Yasmin and Sanjeva went to INTI for the Anugerah Hijau Roadshow. This was the first time EcoKnights invited to INTI.  EcoKnights’ visit were welcomed by approximately 80 undergraduates.

During the visit, a film screening was arranged for the students. The film screened was called “Sunset over Selungo”. “Sunset over Selungo” is a 30-minute film directed by Ross Harrison. The film followed the story of Dennis, Unyang, and Sia of the Penan tribe in Borneo.

After the film screening, Yasmin proceeded to explain the details of Anugerah Hijau Competition. The film screening hoped to inspire the students to be more aware of our beloved Earth’s health. Get the latest news on Anugerah Hijau or EcoKnights by visiting our website; and

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