EcoKnights’ 8th stop: SMK Subang

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On April 21st, EcoKnights crew of 2, Sanjeva and Erna went to SMK Subang for an Eco talk in the morning. The Environmental Awareness talk was given to about 60 students of the school, all from Form 5 of the school.

The talk was well-received by both the students and the teacher, Pn. Nik Roh Hayati. Pn. Nik Roh Hayati applauded EcoKnights’ effort in trying to reach out to youths in Malaysia and teach them the importance of their environment, and how important their behavior was for the Earth’s health.

Pn. Nik Roh Haryati, an eco-loving individual herself, has introduced many Eco programs to the school. Under her guidance, the school now has their own recycle bins made of unused materials. She also founded a Recycle Music Club, in which the students made musical instruments from recyclable materials such as woods, and metal. Because of this Pn. Nik Roh Hayati seemed very excited to help her students to enter Anugerah Hijau Competition.

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