Cintai Tioman: Community Engagement and Composting Workshop at Tioman Island

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Mersing, Pahang, 10th to 12th April 2015 – Yasmin, Amlir and Jeanne from the EcoKnights team had paid a 3 days visit to Tioman Island community on last weekend. This community engagement is part of our Cintai Tioman project where local villagers and business operators were exposed to composting learning knowledge and went back with free composting bins and posters from EcoKnights.

We were glad to receive support from two chalet operators, Mr. Wary from Bamboo Hills Chalet and Mr. Richard from Riverview Resort upon approaching us to learn about composting. They have made small but significant steps in making Tioman Island a better place to stay, where food waste generated are biodegraded into rich soils to support growth of crops, instead of being discarded rampantly. EcoKnights hope to see their composting effort to be fruitful very soon and more local community or tourists would be able to learn about composting from visiting their chalets.

In addition, 11 sets of posters urging on better waste management were distributed to local chalet and food stall operators. The display of these mindful posters is educating local community and tourists on being responsible for every waste generated on the island. Awareness leads to action. EcoKnights will definitely be back to serve Tioman community again and trigger more eco-friendly actions locally.

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