Farah Shuhada

Shuhada“What if they don’t like me? What if I made mistakes and I will get fired or they don’t trust me anymore?”

These were the ‘What if’s’ that always lingered in my mind a month before I was going into my internship.

“Come on Shu, you can do it. I know you can”

These were the words I said to myself the day before I am going to start my internship at EcoKnights.

Honestly, EcoKnights was not my first choice as I already got offered to have an internship at KidZania. I was having a dilemma as well as doubts in choosing between experience and fun.  I talked it through with myself and I thought, why not we try something you haven’t before? Let’s choose experience and maybe we have fun later somewhere else. That was the beginning of my amazing ride of roller coaster here in EcoKnights. Basically, I got both and I couldn’t be happier. My thought when I stepped inside of the office for the first time was “What did I get myself into?” I was nervous, I did not know what to expect, what to do, how to behave, how to speak, basically just nothing.  I too have zero knowledge in anything about environment. I did not even studied science or any sorts of courses that related in environmental field, yet there I was, in an environmental organisation. What an odd. Regardless, I came out as a proud ‘Knights’

I wanted to gain as much experiences as I could in new things that EcoKnights would expose me to and I did. I believe EcoKnights is a place where you learn and grow as an individual of your own, basically as yourself. Why I say so was because, I was dealing with confidence issues way before I entered and while I was in EcoKnights. I often afraid of making mistakes. I become terrified imagining if I do commit one, my colleagues would hate me and won’t trust me anymore. I would feel I am not good enough and there are more people who are better than me. The list went on.

I turned out to be overthinking too much. EcoKnights was never a place of judgement. They don’t believe in such thing that you’re a failure. You’re not. You are never one. Instead, you are a fighter. A fighter who gets through your fear and learn to be a better version of yourself. A fighter who challenge yourself to go through any obstacles not just while working, but in your daily life routine. These words from Mr Fadly would always linger in my mind, “Each one of you matter in this office, regardless of how small your task is.” It was one of the reasons why I reflected myself a lot when I felt like giving up whenever I doubt myself and eventually losing my confidence. While going through this phase, the people that I worked with were so supportive of each other. They were the nicest, most hardworking, passionate and diverse people I have ever known. I missed them every single second I’m not there in the office. 

I was placed under the pillar of Sustainability Communications. I was working alongside Rong and Luqman who were my leaders. I was assigned to do content writing, dealing with social medias as well as designing collaterals. My goals during the internship period was to enhance my writing skills as well as learning graphic designing skills. I managed to achieve these skills with the help of these two hardworking and warm leaders. I considered myself beyond lucky to have Rong and Luqman as my leaders. It was as if I have two elder brothers, which one of them was kind, smart as well as supportive while the other one was unique and funny with a pinch of craziness. They were one of the reasons why I would always smile in the office. Although sometimes we faced obstacles, but they make sure to always control the situation and ensure me that it is okay to make mistakes, as it is part of being a human. Eventually, we would have to move on and learn from it. I was also able to utilize the skills that I have learned during my studies to the fullest when I was in EcoKnights. Every pillar works closely with each other, so I had the chances to always join events or workshops that was in charged by other pillars and basically get a hand at everything as part of my experiences. 

During my internship, I was able to learn a lot about environment. From having zero knowledge, now I know how to upcycle reusable items, how to do composting, how we can grow foods and plants at the same time with aquaponic system, how to communicate better with different audiences, and so much more. It’s an endless list of new experiences and knowledge which I would always cherish and practice in the future. 

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every person in EcoKnights. Mr. Fadly, thank you for accepting and believing in the potential I have to serve EcoKnights; team leaders Mok, Nabs, Jo, Em, Rong and Luqman for the endless guidance as well as new knowledge all of you have taught me; fellow interns that was in the same team as I was. All of you were the main reason why I feel happy whenever I am in the office and I love each and every single one of you.

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