Rebecca“So a gap year huh. What plans do you have in store for that?”

“Well, I don’t know? Maybe something that puts a halt to my overreacting self that the world is going to explode and I’ll come across people that prevents that?”

And yes. I did exactly that. Well, maybe not exactly since things don’t always go your way and stuff, but you know what I mean.

My name is Rebecca Tan and I’m currently on a gap year before heading to The University of Edinburgh to study Environmental Geoscience. I did a 2 month-internship with EcoKnights and I’m beyond grateful that EcoKnights had given me this opportunity to accomplish one of my goals for my gap year. How did I come across EcoKnights? It’s funny because I was supposed to look for some outdoor survival programs on the internet and EcoKnights somehow ended up on the 2nd list of my search pages. And here I am!

During these 2 months, I worked under the Youth Development and Volunteerism Pillar. I was assigned a variety of tasks that covered topics beyond what I’ve experienced before. Tasks could be as simple as gathering equipment and materials for a workshop, to conducting workshops on my own at corporate companies or schools, and attend meetings with potential clients for collaborations.

One of the highlights was conducting workshops at the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) for its Eco Conference towards the end of my internship. I was assigned to conduct the soap making workshop and to gather materials for a booth. It was a task that had several bumps which made me realize my flaws and my strengths. I had managed a smaller audience in the past, but for ISKL, it was bigger and I had overlooked some issues. There was a change of plans and the team had to adapt and improvise. My stomach knotted as I realize my game plans went all the way to the bin. I had a hard time trying to start things from scratch but my team members and leader was there to guide and support me all the way to the end. Let’s say at the end of the conference, I found out that I’m pretty good at gathering equipment and that without my team’s support and guidance, the workshop wouldn’t have ended successfully.

EcoKnights provided a great working environment. Everyone is always there to help if needed. If you have any hardships, they will be more than glad to guide and provide you support in any shape or form. If things didn’t work out, you’ll have your intern peers to share their opinions with you. If not, your team leader, Fadly or Yasmin will also be able to provide you with some guides. All you need to do is to put all the information together, work that brain of yours, and execute along with your team!

As cliché as it sounds, working with EcoKnights has made an impact in my life (it’s my first internship anyways). The struggles that I went through, opened my wounds and made me see all my flaws that needed to be fixed. This is a little personal, I’m not a person to notice my own strengths, I always think that I’m lacking when in fact I should be confident in what I do great. However, my intern peers and leaders from EcoKnights encouraged me and pointed out what I possess in me that will be useful in any future circumstances.

EcoKnigths provided me several platforms in which I was able to demonstrate my capabilities and for me to go above and beyond my limits. It was a place for me to prove to myself that I was worth something. That I can change the world with the effort of mine and the teams. It was eye-opening for me because through them, I’ve grown so much more with the reality that I am living in. I can no longer be who I was. I can strive forward with a better mindset and skill set. All thanks to the great team who strives for a better future. A better environment. A better Malaysia. A better world.

Once a Knight, always a Knight.

Thank you EcoKnights. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and growth that you’ve provided me.

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