MarcusHey you, yes you!

If you’re here, it means you are probably someone who has a soul for the environment, looking to understand more about the current efforts ongoing in this industry or perhaps someone who is just looking to have a place to intern at; you have come to the right place so you’ll know what you’ll be getting in on, especially for those who are baffled at what skills you have obtained in your major or the lack thereof that can contribute to an environmental organization.

I kid you not, I myself major in Entrepreneurship and still most people I introduce myself to these past 3 years in social cliques question whether ‘Entrepreneurship’ can be taught and learned in a degree and not ‘just do it’ (Bless you Shia LaBeouf); outright you can already imagine what your recruiter looking at your resume would think. 

If you’re still reading this, interning at this place will give you three things, Empowerment, Space for making mistakes, and tons & tons of practical experience. And there’s only three things you need in return: a heart to learn, a will to endure failures, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Bonus points if you like interacting with people and event coordination. I can assure you I learnt more about entrepreneurship at EcoKnights for 3 months than at my institution for three years.

Despite being an introvert by nature, I’ve been able to go beyond my comfort zone in every project that I’ve participated in or headed without giving up, with every success and failure teaching and preparing me for my eventual graduation and working phase of adult life. Of course, all this was only possible with the staggering amount of trust and support that was given to me by both the management team as well as fellow interns. I will take this chance to firstly thank my “bos-ma’am” Ms.Mok Yi Ying, who has way too much business finesse for a science major which still humbles and scares me to this day. Mr.Fadly the fabulous for being the encouragement that brought me further after every interaction and also Yasmin who is always down-to-earth, kind and far sighted with wisdom that you could see inspiring for change in the world around us; good to know the environment has a champion like you ma’am.

I’ve had no special talents or skill set that I could offer them, but only a want for something bigger than myself for once. And that choice was one that brought me somewhere worthwhile, meeting really awesome people and lastly ‘who said being environmentally friendly is unprofitable’. Now, what about you?

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