Jack Son

Jack SonGreetings, my name is Jackson, and I’m currently studying a Diploma in Public Relations in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC). My Internship at EcoKnights has been a fruitful 2 months plus. It was an honor to be their first Communication Intern; let me tell you the reason. 

I believe most of you would have thought that by becoming an intern in an organization, the job scope would be limited to printing documents, data entry, paperwork, and making coffee. At EcoKnights, it was quite different from what I expected; you would be working in the frontline alongside the Team Leaders. During this period of time, it is an opportunity to showcase and express yourself at work. I was given numerous opportunities to learn and work, such as being asked to prepare press kits, writing press releases, media relations, collateral design, social media management, radio interviews and as many as you can number within job scope in the Mass Communication field. You can experiment what you are good at with all the opportunities that were given; it is truly fun! The EcoKnights intern experience does not just end here, as there is more! You would be given a chance to attend corporate meetings, conferences, events and workshops! The best experience I had was liaising with the big media companies such as Bernama and Astro Awani where usually you either see them on the internet, social media or television.

You would not feel like an intern working at EcoKnights, but instead you would feel like you are part of the family. As long as you are willing to learn, everyone will give their time to assist and help you! Special thanks to Mr. Fadly, who had put in so much time and effort into guiding me, and shared his experiences and knowledge in becoming better at work and the individual spheres as well. You will never stop learning! As well as Dr Yasmin who had guided me to write better press releases step by step, even though she had a busy schedule. The office environment at EcoKnights is a diversified place with people from different background, and nationality to work towards the same goal. The office life is very chill and relaxed, but you have to stay on your toes!

I am sincerely thankful to God and EcoKnights for giving me such a wonderful experience during this internship programme. It had helped me expand my knowledge at the industry level, and also contributed to my self-development, individual, and mental growth.