Wei Jiet

Wei Jiet“Heads up Jiet, you’ll be going to Muar this weekend.”

“Sure, looking forward to it”, I said.

This was on a Sunday, the day before I started my internship. It caught me off guard. I remember thinking to myself at that time, buckle up because this is going to be a long 3 months. I was excited to begin this new chapter with EcoKnights, and what a chapter it turned out to be.

I wanted to learn as much as I could on how Malaysians in general perceive environmental issues, and what we can do to minimize the damage we are doing to the planet, individually and also collectively.  After the trip to Muar, I realized that education and spreading awareness is still one of the stepping stones to change the perceptions, mindsets and habits of the general public to practice a more sustainable lifestyle, and I already had a rough idea as to what I was going to do for the next 13 weeks.

I was assigned to the Public Outreach Pillar, which handles most of the projects in fundraising, usually in collaboration with external partners. Nevertheless, the pillars of EcoKnights work very closely with each other, so I had the chance to have a hand at everything, from writing letters and articles to cleaning up log booms. On top of that, I also learned how to upcycle discarded materials, and even conducted workshops on how to do so, such as turning plastic bottles into self-watering plant systems and turning used cooking oil into bars of soap. I was given the opportunity to plan and execute projects and events, which was quite surprising but pretty cool at the same time because I was just an intern.  

If I’m being honest, I had my doubts about my new colleagues before I arrived in the office as I would consider myself a little reserved, but the people I’ve worked with during the 13 week period have been one of the most driven, diverse, and nicest group of people I’ve worked with, and I think they will be the part of EcoKnights I will miss most. I was fortunate enough to be part of the biggest EK has ever been.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank first and foremost Mok, my ever-vigilant team leader, who has shown me the ropes and for picking up the pieces whenever needed; I truly learned a lot. Also Nabs and Rong for guiding me whenever I faced obstacles and bearing with me. Not forgetting Fadly, who has shown me the difference between being a leader and a boss, although we call him boss regardless. And finally, Yasmin, for giving me the trust and opportunity to experience life at EcoKnights; it was totally unique. She has always said to us that here, we look out for each other like a family. Well, the house she and Fadly turned into an office feels just like home, even more so for some of us, right Luq?

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