Ain Yezid


I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a 3-month internship with EcoKnights as part of my self-learning life journey especially taking a leap of faith of doing internship rather than a full time job as my other peers.

I was placed under the River of Life (ROL) team and to my surprised ROL is a very dedicated team as it has programmes running throughout the year. I was lucky enough to learn more on the ROL projects and programmes that I’ve been instilled with an in depth understanding and awareness on the condition of our rivers. Not only that, I’ve also had the chance to manage some of the programmes from volunteer acquisition, logistics and at the same time handling the event itself. That’s a lot of work! But very satisfying at the same time as you can see the result of your hard work succeed in front of your eyes.

Working with an environmental NGO has taught me that the smallest contribution from tree planting to river clean up can impact our environment in so many ways. Not only do we help purify the air we breathe but also increase awareness among our volunteers on the current condition of our natural surroundings. One of the programmes I’ve helped manage is the Vanke tree planting where we needed to plant 100 trees in a year in partnership with the River of Life program. I’ve never been so excited to get down and dirty to plant trees!

In the span of 3 months, I’ve seen major improvements in myself. Out of the many few, I am much more organized and planned, my communication skills are much smoother and I’ve learned that I possess leadership skills that I never knew I had.

My journey with Ecoknights have stapled many amazing memories and experiences that have brought me to call this organisation my second home. Working till late hours, weekend programmes and extra responsibilities (due to small number of employees) doesn’t really affect me at all. All these don’t really matter cause EcoKnights is such a great organisation to be a part of and you will have crazy peers to work with (you’ll never get bored being around them) and an amazing boss who has dedicated her life to this cause.

All in all, a biggest thank you and gratitude to all the Knights for guiding me and teaching me all that was needed to be learnt in an environmental NGO. A special thanks to Yasmin and Boss a.k.a Fadly for putting your trust in me and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I will surely cherish it forever. 


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