Ellaendrea Tan


What is a double degree student majoring in International Business and Global Studies doing at an environmental non-governmental organisation?

Well, it all started as a requirement for a university course but out of all the organisations and companies that was applied to, EcoKnights stood out and was eventually where I interned at for 2.5 months.

During my internship, I was assigned under the Public Outreach pillar. Through being involved in various activities and projects under said pillar, I had gained a lot of knowledge and developed my soft and technical skills, for example, from writing up proposals, managing projects, communicating with clients, to leading a team. I would say the highlight of my internship was when I had to manage the X-Kitement project. It was the turning point of my internship as it helped me to break out of my introverted self and be more outspoken in order to get things done. Although X-Kitement was taxing on me physically and mentally, I am truly thankful and appreciative for being given the chance of experiencing it as through the project, I had gained more confidence in my leadership skills and was able to overcome my doubts of belonging in the workplace. Plus, at the end of the day, seeing the smiles of the children as they ran around having fun at EcoKnights’ humble corner at X-Kitement had given me a sense of accomplishment. The success of the event would not have been made possible without the cooperation and efforts of all the Knights and for that, I am eternally grateful for the support and guidance they have shown me not only throughout the project but also the entire duration of my internship.   

Besides projects under the Public Outreach pillar, I had opportunities to be involved in various interesting events such as assisting in a DIY Eco-Enzyme workshop, tree planting and maintenance, and log boom clean-up under the River of Life Public Outreach Programme. Being involved in such activities have helped me to expand my horizons and deepen my knowledge about sustainable living and enlightened me about Malaysia’s environmental conditions.

EcoKnights allows individuals to explore their interests, leading to the spark of discovering a hidden talent (and I am one of the living proofs of that!). I had always been interested in graphic designing but had always thought that my designs were relatively lacklustre as compared to a professional graphic designer. However, being given the green light to make the visual social media collateral for X-Kitement had changed my mind about my designing skills as the encouragement and praise from the Knights had helped me to be more confident in my designing skills. Afterwards, having discovered my potential in visual design, I was given the space and freedom to explore my creativity as I was given more graphic designing tasks. As designing visuals are one of my interests and joy, being given the freedom to do what I like gave me a sense of fulfilment. Not many companies or organisations would be so flexible so as to allow their employees to explore their interests and incorporate that into their job, and that is one of many things I like about EcoKnights. 

As of writing this testimonial, it has been 3 days since my internship officially ended. Nonetheless, my EcoKnights journey has yet to come to a halt. I am returning soon to provide my assistance for their projects. After all, EcoKnights is not just any other organisation.

It’s Home.

It’s Family.

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