Marin Mihai David

MihaiHello there, my name is Marin Mihai David, I’m from Romania and currently I’m in my final year at University of Twente in Netherlands. Before applying I wanted to do something different from my major, Computer Science, so I decided to go for an internship at EcoKnights, because I felt the need to help the environment.

After reading on the internet about this NGO I had the interviews, which set the background for me. Being outside of Europe for the first time, everything seemed new to me like a totally different world, but the team made me feel like a knight.

We were going together to have lunch and they were always suggesting me delicious local food. Almost every Friday evening, we used to cook, do presentations, play boardgames or go out for a movie, which helped me integrate and exchange cultural aspects between my country and Malaysia.

I was well surprised by the fact that EcoKnights values most the relations between workers in empowering the productivity in the office. By attending different events I got more insight about organization and sustainable living. Regarding office work, I was assigned to develop a framework about a volunteering platform for the new website, which is related to my field study research.

The time spent in Kuala Lumpur made me aware of sustainability, so I started with small things, such as recycling and using alternatives for plastic products. I definitely improved my communication and organisational skills, so that’s why I recommend an internship at EK. There is such a big difference between traveling and working in a different country, because with the latter, you get to know more about the culture and people’s perspectives.

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