MaddyTime flies so fast in EcoKnights. In just the blink of an eye, my internship came to an end. It has been quite hectic ever since day 1. I have been involved in many different things and I get so much out of these experiences. 

I was assigned as a graphic design intern when I was working with EcoKnights. My main tasks are to help the team to make creative contents. Even though I am a mass communication student, I don’t always see myself as a very creative person. Coming into this position, I felt that I lacked confidence about what I could do especially in designing.

But EcoKnights is an amazing place to discover your hidden talent and get a better understanding of your skill sets. The seniors and bosses are always there to guide and give me enough freedom to try new things. End up I have learned new software, designed a few simple visual collaterals and made a few videos! As this was my first time handling content as a designer, I learned to see things from a new perspective too!

One of my accomplishment during the internship was creating the promotional video for Kuala Lumpur Eco film festival (KLEFF). I’m really proud to have the opportunity to make a video for the film festival. Unexpectedly this task has built up my confidence and interest in making videos after receiving compliments and encouragements from the seniors.

I really enjoyed the process of making this video, as I had the chance to watch the incredible films submitted by the filmmakers from all over the world. I felt so sad when I know better about the environmental issues especially those occurring in our country, but at the same time I felt so touched and inspired by the stories and the actions taken. All these films are really worth spreading out for more people to watch!

Besides staring at the screens, I have chances to take part in different interesting events and workshops as well such as being a photographer for tree planting event, helping out at our booth in a green carnival, guiding public in a DIY self-watering system workshop, conducting games and being videographer for Knights of Nature camp and so on!

EcoKnights is a small organization but they manage to coordinate a variety of events (even South East Asia’s largest and longest running film festival) with limited resources. Everyone has a significant and important role to play. During my internship, I have learned a lot about effective time and communication management especially getting people to understand you clearly, work wise and solve the challenges together as a team in a demanding environment.

I always wanted to know how Malaysia’s environmental organisation function and I’m glad I joined and figured it out. It’s really exciting to work together with a bunch of passionate people, striving for a better environment.


EcoKnights for the experiences! I cherish it and I’m sure our paths will cross again in the near future! Let’s grow better and stronger together!

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