Yann Chyi

Yann Chyi I came into EcoKnights as part of my 3-month internship for my degree course. It’s my first time experiencing work at a residential office and the best thing is we don’t need to wear formal office attire during working period unless we are required to!

I would say that my short time in EcoKnights has played a big part for my growth. I was assigned to intern under Emirul Redzuan (in short, I call him ‘Em’) and work together in the River of Life (ROL) project. It was a wonderful experience for me as I obtained more opportunities to engage with local communities, listen to their needs and help them solve their problems. Other than communities, I was also given the chance to attend meetings with DBKL and partners such as Starbucks Malaysia and Vanke Holdings in which I learnt the importance of KP1 and objectives for every project. Through my involvement in these projects, my communication skill has improved by communicating with people from different levels and backgrounds.

Moreover, I also learnt to be a more organized and disciplined person. By helping Em to organize a few activities such as garden maintenance, tree planting and river clean-up activities, I have learned the importance of logistic management, task delegation as well as the communication within the EcoKnights team. This improved my project management skills a lot as we were faced with limited resources, especially manpower and short period of time to complete a project. I’m so glad to go through these challenges as it pushed me to another level in work management.

Thank you Em for always pushing me to figure out solutions for problems instead of waiting for help. Thank you Fati for always being by my side and showing that positive attitude can change the impossible into something possible. This definitely helped me to improve my problem solving skills which I think is an important skill that needs to be mastered by every individual.

Not forgetting the fun times that we had during the Anugerah Hijau and Knight of Nature camps! I met new friends, went through games and challenges together and the most important is we got closer to our mother nature. This is where I experienced my first camp fire and first walk in the mangrove.

It’s hard to really say goodbye to EcoKnights once you have adapt to the office culture. Every Knight in the office is so caring and is always on standby to support each other. We may have argument sometimes but this actually helped us to grow closer and to know each other better. Like what Mok has said, EcoKnights not just only trained interns, but also individuals. In EcoKnights, you are always given unlimited space to grow.

Once again thank you EcoKnights for giving me the chance to apply my internship here where it turned out to be a perfect experience for me. Thank you to every Knight in the office who were with me and made my days at EcoKnights even better.

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