Ali Zulhazim

Ali ZulhazimHi there, I’m Ali Zulhazim from USM Penang and I was an intern in EcoKnights from September till October. Although it was only for two months, my days in EcoKnights were awesome. I have no regret joining the EcoKnights team as I experienced a lot of new things, made new good friends and worked in a very conducive working environment. Being in EcoKnights is not just about making sure our jobs are done. It is beyond that. EcoKnights is a family.

I was always being pushed to my limit, to do things that I am not used to. However, I did not doing this alone. My colleagues were there when I needed them. I was challenged to improve myself and they were there to guide me. And yeah, what does not kill you will make you stronger.

At the end day of my internship, I knew I have improved my self-development a lot. I have learned so many things that will be useful for me in my working life.

Thank you EcoKnights for being a good teacher, family and friends to me.

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