Fara Amina

“Doing a great job in a task is one thing, Fara, but going beyond that, to leave something behind, something great, is another thing.” Loosely, that was what Mr. Fadly, the Programme Director of EcoKnights had said to me on my first week of internship at EcoKnights. I remember his advice so vividly in my head. I was determined then to start and finish my internship with a goal in mind – to contribute all of my energy and effort in this organisation.

7On my first day at EcoKnights, I was greatly welcomed by the staff. Everyone was very friendly and I could see that I would be well taken care of for the next three months. I was right. Even though I had no experience in coordinating events and running a workshop, I learned to adapt fast and become a team player. My first assignment was to handle EcoKnights’ social media and promote the flagship event, Green Market for Eco Month. Since I am a graduate in English for Professional Communication from UiTM Shah Alam, I took the assignment with great excitement. I was also given the opportunity to lead a social media contest for the event!

Soon after, I was assigned to facilitate the workshop, Soap-making by Reusing Used Cooking Oil. Even though I had no clue on how to make a homemade soap, all of the research and test-run paid off as my first work experience in public speaking and facilitating a workshop went smoothly. Of course, my fellow colleagues played a huge part in the success. Incidentally, this is the reason why I truly enjoyed my days at EcoKnights, I got to do something that is totally outside of my comfort zone and I got to do it with the support given by my other teammates. EcoKnights allowed me to flourish my skills and experience something new and exciting every single day.

At EcoKnights, we are a family. Hey, I even called one of my seniors as Kaklong (big sister)! We work hard and play hard. There was never a dull moment when I’m with the team as we always find ways to have fun. It has truly been a wild ride. The one thing I will forever be grateful for is the invaluable lessons that I’ve gained during the period of my internship. Mr. Fadly has been a great mentor, he not only taught me about the skills required in a workplace but also to see life in a different perspective. A man of depth he is. Ms. Yasmin (President of EcoKnights) is a ray of sunshine. Her positivity is contagious and what I learned from observing her is the perseverance and elegance she portrays in all of her efforts. It was truly mesmerising.

Being a Knight has made me environmentally conscious and more sensitive to Mother Nature. The efforts of EcoKnights in preserving the environment are truly inspiring and worth applauding. My decision to intern at EcoKnights back in February turns out to be the right one. I came out as a better individual (I hope) and I’m proud to say that I have a family that I can always go back to, even for a quick appearance at Funky Lunch.

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