Malathi Sangaran

In order to fulfill my sixth semester’s university requirement, I chose EcoKnights as the place for my internship. To be honest, I really don’t know what to expect when I accepted this offer. My experience at EcoKnights has been fun and interesting as I am truly honoured to be a part of the EcoKnights family.

09Within the first month of interning at EcoKnights, I would say that I have learned so much and had such a good time with the staff and other interns. Mr. Fadly (Programme Director of EcoKnights) was very committed in making sure that I gained all of the necessary skills in order for me to work efficiently and accordingly. I had the opportunity to learn directly from Mr. Fadly and Ms. Yasmin (President of EcoKnights) and sought their advice whenever I needed help. They gave me plenty of opportunity for me to try and experience new things. For example, even though I’m not from the Communication background, I’m given the opportunity to write articles for our monthly newsletter. From this, I am able to polish my writing and communication skills.

Moreover, one thing that I will keep close to my heart from this internship is the fact that they never treat me like an intern. I was encouraged by everyone to think and act like one of the staff. They guided me so I am always on the right track and gave me chance to make decisions for all of the project that I am in charge of. EcoKnights trusted me in project planning and I was more than happy to be able to execute them throughout my internship here. The projects that I had handled have helped me to develop great skills in effective project management. The team is all greatly supportive and helpful as they always jump in to help whenever one person is in need of help. I’m grateful to say that I’ve gained some incredible mentors throughout this process.

Another thing that I love about EcoKnights is its work culture that is always fun and interactive. It balances the heavy work that we have to do most of the time. There will be always something that cheer up my day, for instance, the Funky Lunch. The Funky lunch is the time where all of the staff gather to listen to one of the Knights’ presentation on any topic of their liking. For me, it was a great time as everyone got to unwind and have a break from office work.

Last but not least, my internship at EcoKnights has given me comprehensive knowledge of the event industry, and has given me the confidence and experience necessary for me to enter the management industry. Thank you EcoKnights for all of the amazing memories!

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