Moo Deqing

8 1Hi everyone! My name is Moo Deqing, and I am currently a second-year Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Malaya. I first got to know about EcoKnights through Miss Yasmin Rasyid when she came to give a talk at the Yayasan Khazanah Premier Scholarship Programme (YKPSP, a scholar-training programme) in 2015. She shared with us her experience with Mantanani Island and I was very intrigued by her passion and drive. My desire to learn more about what NGOs do to help the environment led me to apply for a volunteering opportunity with EcoKnights in August 2015, before I entered university. Throughout my 6 days volunteering in the EcoKnights office, I worked under Mr Fadly Bakhtiar, the programme director of EcoKnights. I constructed event proposals, advertised the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) 2015, and helped other interns with their tasks. It was an eye-opening experience to me as I've never volunteered in an NGO before. After a few weeks, I volunteered at KLEFF 2015 too.

Fast-forward to year 2017, I applied for a one-month internship with EcoKnights. I chose to give EcoKnights a try again because I felt the need to work in an NGO where I could learn more about sustainable living and how NGOs communicate with various agencies to tackle these issues. As an engineering student who's interested in sustainable technology, I felt that I should start with internalizing sustainable living habits, knowing more about the latest environmental challenges and developing a passion to save the environment. Besides, I also chose to apply for an internship with EcoKnights because I loved the working culture. Everyone was nice, open-minded, and passionate in helping each other.

During my internship, I was involved in a lot of brainstorming. EcoKnights collaborated with various agencies and bodies to carry out activities related to the environment from upcyling to composting. Thus, I was involved in thinking, researching and constructing modules or projects to suit the needs of the activities. Besides that, I was also involved in defining the EcoKnights pillars. I came up with the name '˜Recruitment and Partnership' for that particular pillar because I felt that that name accurately represented what the pillar focused on. Moreover, I was in charge of creating proposals and presentation slides for upcoming events and creating reports for past events.

Throughout this one-month experience, I've discovered a lot about myself. I've always known the importance of thinking out of the box and expanding my own limits, but I had no one to remind me of that and push myself to step out of my comfort zone. Mr Fadly would have one-on-one conversations with me once in a while and made sure that I learn something new from this internship and become another person after completing this internship. He always challenged me to approach my brainstorming with new ways and communicate with other people effectively in doing things. I have a lot of respect for him because his intention to make sure that his subordinates (including temporary ones like me) grow was very genuine. Furthermore, I've developed a conscience to always recycle my recyclables as that was the culture in the EcoKnights office. I also learned how to do composting by assisting in the composting workshops. Overall, it was a challenging yet pleasant experience for me. I've learned a lot in one month and got to know many lovely people from the EcoKnights-MENGO team. It was an honour to be part of the team. I would recommend an internship with EcoKnights to anyone who has the desire to achieve personal growth and a passion to raise public environmental awareness.
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