Nur Farhanah Adam Malik

Farhanah have been with EK family for about 2 months. During her time here, she have been exposed and coped with various challenge especially during KLEFF. Let’s hear about what she has to say!

9In a week time, today will be my last day at this humble bungalow of which has been the second home to me for the past 2 months. The internship experience here at EcoKnights (EK) has been an amazing experience for me & I would say that it’s been a journey of self-discovery.

My relationship with EK started back in 2009 when I joined the first Anugerah Hijau Competition, under the guidance of Yasmin & Fadly. Honestly, I had never thought that EK and I would cross paths again but I’m eternally grateful for my re-encounter for it has transformed me in many ways. It was unique though, how that one comment by Yasmin on my Facebook profile, led me to think that “Hey, I should probably ask if there are any volunteer opportunities available”. At that point in my life, I was really looking for a chance to do something that would allow me to find myself, as cliché as it may sound. So, I sent Yasmin a message and the rest remains history.

I vividly remember something very significant of which Fadly mentioned to me during my interview session. He said something along the lines of, “You have a lot of energy in you that’s not being channelled out”. He also asked me on what I aim to gain from my internship and I said that I wanted to ‘inspire myself’. With that statement and question posed by Fadly, I felt that EK was just the right place for me. And yes, I was not wrong!

My first assignment at EK was to do a short write-up for the KLEFF Bookmark and I thought that it was a simple task. After gaining input from Fadly & Yasmin, I then realized that there’s a thought process involved, most importantly in determining the aim and objective of the write-up. From then onwards, I always reminded myself to think of my objective before I start doing any of the jobs given to me. The major task I was assigned to at EK was to handle Anugerah Hijau and I was extremely worried on whether I would be able to meet the expectations set. I was really lucky though to receive endless support from everyone at work, particularly Sanjeva who was working on the project with me as it was their confidence and support which really pushed me to do my best.

Throughout these (almost) two months, I believe that EK has allowed me to do more than ‘inspire myself’. Not only have I managed to regain my self-confidence of which I had lost a few years back but it has made me realize that I do have the potential and capability to achieve anything in life- the only stumbling block in doing so is myself. Besides that, I have also managed to overcome the fears I developed over the years, ranging from driving alone, going out with new people and speaking in public.

If you were to ask me of THE one thing I would treasure most from my internship experience, it would undoubtedly be the friendships I have formed. I have done things outside of my comfort zone, including hiking in a jungle (after 5 years!) and actually singing at Karaoke simply because of the wonderful friends I have made. Those who were once strangers to me are now some of the people I trust most.

I have no words to express my gratitude to EK, particularly Yasmin and Fadly who have accepted me as part of the EK family. Yes, my internship with EK will be ending soon but I hope that this would just be the beginning of my journey here!

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