Nur Atiqah binti Kamarudin

Nur Atiqah binti Kamarudin, 22 years old, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (International Studies)

8So how do I even start to rant about EcoKnights? At first, I am interested to know how an NGO works. I thought it is going to be just reaching out the public and lifting posters or hosting some talks to raise awareness on environment to the public. But it is more than that. The exposures gotten are way more than what I imagined. It has only been two months of doing my internship here and I have three more weeks left for the internship but I have gained so much during the period.

I would like to start with my first task for Penang Green Carnival. It was only my second week in EcoKnights and I was assigned to Penang with two other mates. It was my first time driving outside of Kuala Lumpur without having my parents along the way and we went anyways. After that, I was assigned to various tasks that I have never done before and it helps to improve a lot of interpersonal skills in me.

Next, I would like to talk about the work environment. And of course it has to start with what kind of colleagues are there in the small office of EcoKnights-MENGO. My supervisor cum the Programme Director Mr. Fadly is one dynamic soul. I admire the way he handles everything from discussing about work to having fun with the team.

EcoKnights’ founder, Ms. Yasmin Rasyid is one brilliant female figure. I love to see how she is so positive at all times despite of carrying a huge responsibility of being both the founder and MENGO’s Chairperson. If you enter the office on the first day, you might see her watering the plants or mopping the floor and you might not realize that she is indeed the founder!

Lastly, the team mates aka the interns that I am working with holds a special place in my heart. We come from different education backgrounds and none of them are awkward and clueless with whatever task that they are assigned to.

Now, we are left with two more weeks before the biggest event of EcoKnights which is the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2016 and the team is working their sweat off to push this to its peak. And I come to realize that being an NGO is more than just hanging up posters and buntings to raise awareness. It is more to who works behind those posters months before, and hoping that somewhere around the corner, there are people that will understand and be inspired.

If there is more that I can do to EcoKnights after I leave, I will, with no doubt recommending it to my friends that are searching for a place for internship and one day I might be looking at EcoKnights logo somewhere, and thought to myself, that I was a part of this team and it was a wonderful journey and everlasting memory of my life.

Come, and experience the beauty of the team’s hard work for 9TH International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2016 in Publika Shopping Gallery this coming 14th to 16th October 2016!
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