Ainie Syahira Abd Karim

bbI am Ainie Syahira Bt Abd Karim from Wangsa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. I’m currently a final year undergrad Universiti Malaya’s student major in Mathematics.

Knowing EK in my first year of study leads me to intern and experience how real-NGO-working field feels like and I must say, I never regret with this kind of decision. I got to learn so many things yet so much fun gained in this two month period of internship. Most probably it won’t be experienced in my uni life. Some of it are act as communication officer with more than 70 others organization, experienced a radio interview in TRAXX FM, delegating my tasks in a manageable way, and many more. It was a lot of multitasking but yet, it never felt burdensome since we in EK, act as a great team player.

Regarding on former matter, I’ve been through a lot of questions and wonders from various kind of people when they’re trying to figure out the connection between me doing here in EcoKnights, though it’s not related to what I study. It will be a ‘NO’ answer if we think it without an open heart. It’s okay to have a unique journey since statistic also shows that only 29% of graduates work with what they major in. I always believe to never regret on what I’m driving now and continue to pursue it until the final end. On top of that, what life could it be without a little spice of adventure! There’s always challenges and hardships whether it comes from ourselves or from surrounding influence. If it is meant to be not working out, never ever take it as a failure. Instead, learn from the mistakes and make an effort to be a new and better person. The lesson learnt is what count. Always think it as a different path to encounter a different experience and not as a fail trail. Most importantly, never afraid to step out from your comfort zone and know where your mind and heart want it to be at. As a wise man said, if you fear failure then, by definition, you are avoiding success. Remember, no matter what background you are, passion is what need to be prioritize. Just be yourself and don’t forget, keep being humble.
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