Lim Chee Jing

Jeanne is the newly turned-24 internJeanne is the newly turned-24 intern currently working with EcoKnights. Read on to get to know Jeanne a little better!

Name: Lim Chee Jing
Date of birth: 27th March
Nationality: Malaysian
City of Residence: Kuala Lumpur
Current Education Background: Bachelor Degree Holder
Field/course of study: Environmental Science and Management
University: University of Malaya
Expected Year of Graduation / Graduated Year: October 2015
Duration of internship: 3 months

- Can you tell us a bit about yourself (Where are you studying now, what are you majoring in, your family, etc)
I’m the eldest kid of my family residing in a small town of Johor, moved to Kuala Lumpur about four years ago to pursue my degree study in environment. Embrace neutrality in thinking, treating people and fashion. Can’t do a make-up, bt good at making things up while shooting the bull with friends, which is what they like and hate about me. Never trust in things that come free as my favorite greasy quote of all time is preparation is the ladder to success. An explorer, wanted to learn things through my own senses on crazy adventure, but ended up being ‘Internet Explorer’ because it is the cheapest way to learn. Association with doing something for environment is written in my name, UPU offer letter and of course, my heart. Believe and enjoy doing small things in great ways.

- How did you find out about the internship opportunities at EcoKnights?

- What are your roles in EcoKnights during your internship? And share some of your experiences with us.
My team and I promote our events such as corporate leadership forum, youth sustainability camp and KLEFF through emailing or mailing to relevant parties and social media posting. Before we are able to do that, we do online research to find potential parties to be invited or worked with. I do coordination, planning and implementation works for some events like Green Market, AVEDA Walk for Water, KLEFF workshops with other colleagues. Besides, I also had the opportunities to attend some meetings and talk with Yasmin, and even more luckily, went for community engagement activity at Pulau Tioman with Yasmin and Amlir.

- What are your advice or messages for future intern?
EcoKnights are open-minded and easy-going. People with brave hearts and crazily creative minds should not let go of working opportunity with EcoKnights to unleash your potential. In term of advise, hmm… maybe get ready for some eye-care practices as you would spend much time working in front of computer inevitably, same as what most other jobs require.

Fun Questions:

Name 3 people you admire.
I would rather name three qualities I admire the most: Cheerful, Bold and Honest. Anyone with these qualities is my role model.

If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?
Spectacles, smartphone, earphone, kendama, flute

What is your favorite childhood memory?
My happiest childhood memory was every time when school finished, I rushed out from school gate and the first view I saw was my mum had been there waiting for me.

How do you spend your free time?
Watch videos, listen to music, sing, read, think, chit-chat …anything that won’t cost much money

What is your favorite movie?
Don’t have favorite movie in mind. But I remember I watched The Tangled thrice in the cinemas. I enjoy most of the Disney movies.

What is something that you are OCD about/pet peeve?
Feel annoyed when hear the sound of running water in the washroom or kitchen.

What does a perfect day look like to you?
Spend time with my loved ones

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
While I’m still young and energetic, I prefer to travel to third world countries, to understand their living difficulties and lend my helping hands (Cheh). When I have no ability to help out, I would like to go Greece, Maldives, Turkey or Kyoto etc. to enjoy the scenic views with my dear.

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