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suemayAs a dental graduate waiting for my posting, I felt the need to explore and dive into something out of my comfort zone. I was certain that there was more to life and more to learn than just pulling out teeth and filling cavities. This internship caught my eye as I was browsing through the internet as I felt that it had a great purpose and mission that is, creating environmental awareness and sustainability among the public. 

The interns and people that I have worked with here were from various educational backgrounds with a common goal which is to sacrifice their time, physical and mental wellbeing for a great cause. It was fun but challenging at the same time, with the need to make deadlines and often being in charge of something that I had never done before. Scary, but satisfying once the final product is obtained.  

Just one eavesdropping conversation of Yasmin Rasyid, the Founder of EcoKnights speaking to the media or her clients about her passion in this field, will keep you inspired for days. Fadly Bakhtiar the Programme Director of EcoKnights is just as passionate, understanding and strives for open communication in the workplace.

The best part of this internship was the ability and privilege to meet with various Malaysians from different backgrounds be it hoteliers, engineers and academia who are extremely passionate in making this country a more sustainable place for future generations to come. These people did not NEED to incorporate sustainability into their business model neither did I think it was relevant to their field, but they CHOSE to do so. And from then on, something clicked in my brain and I started to realise that it does not matter what career we involve ourselves in but if we have the will and dedication to take on more responsibilities beyond our scope of study, we can be the generation of change towards sustainability to this country.     

And who knows, maybe I’ll be the first dentist to come up with a more environmental friendly way to treat medical waste. The possibilities are endless when we think out of the box, which is what this 2 month long internship has taught me.  

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