Mandeep Singh

MandeepHey, my name is Mandeep and I am currently an intern here at EcoKnights. As I write this, I am already approaching the end of my internship experience, and oh boy, it was an experience I’ll never forget. By the end, I would have been here for a whole two months, and honestly two months is not enough when you’re working with such an amazing team of people.

This being my first internship, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was therefore understandably nervous on my first day. However, that nervous energy quickly faded as I was immediately put to work on writing up proposals, finding sponsors and doing research. There was such a high level of trust that was awarded to the interns, we were truly allowed to flourish and be creative while also having the option to, at any time, walk over to Yasmin or Fadly’s table and pose any questions we had.

If anyone were to ask me “What was the one thing you took away from this experience?”, my answer would have to be; I learnt how to really work in a team. I have organized many events before, worked with many different people and such but those experiences really boiled down to delegation of work, where everyone was entrusted to do their own part of the work and later it was put together to achieve the final product. However, here at EcoKnights I learnt how to rely on my fellow interns and pool our resources to work on one project consistently before moving onto the next. This helped me broaden my perspective as my peers were sometimes able to offer new approaches or even point out mistakes I hadn’t noticed before. This method of doing things really involved a lot of communication, which was challenging at first but became second nature by the end of my first month.

Now, I should have mentioned this a little bit earlier and technically I could have just added it in at the time I was writing this paragraph but nah, I’m actually a Chemical Engineering student from Monash University. So as you can probably tell, this internship did not really have much to do with my Academic background. In fact, the whole reason I joined EcoKnights was because I was on my summer break and needed something productive to do, I then heard about EcoKnights from a friend who was also going to intern here. EcoKnights really piqued my interest as I always had an interest in the environmental field and I thought, why not? Best. Decision. Ever.

Just the working environment itself was amazing. The office was like a home away from home, quite literally. We sometimes cooked together, always ate together, cleaned up, and sometimes even slept there. It was always open doors at EcoKnights and I think that’s what made working there feel so natural. It never once felt like a chore to get up and go to work, but in fact as time went on I even started looking forward to it.

Not to mention the other companies that share an office with EcoKnights. I met members of these other startups or NGOs and learnt a lot from them. My love for the environment grew as now I started to incorporate all these points of views into my philosophy. Just two months was all it took to change the way I see the world and its issues.

Looking back now, I went in looking for experience in this corporate world but ended up becoming part of a much larger family. I am truly honoured to have been able to work alongside these brilliant people and thank them for teaching me so much. I hope our paths cross again, and I hope to use everything you guys have thought me to better my life and that of those around me.

Thank you EcoKnights.