Tharani Alagapan

Knights of Nature SustainabilityHi, my name is Tharani Alagapan from Mersing, Johor. I’m a forestry student from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). EcoKnights have been an unexpected turning point in my life which taught so many things. My internship experience in EcoKnights is the most valuable experience for me. To be honest, the four month duration of this internship is an eye open journey.

I had learn so many things especially in making own decisions, being independent and handling (planning and execution) of events. I had a comfortable office environment and a very flexible team who work 24/7 together. Although we are from different races and educational background, we bonded really well and worked well as a team. Moreover, I really want to thank Mrs.Yasmin Rasyid and Mr.Fadly Bakhtiar for being inspiring people and motivating us during the internship period. Work organization and management, as well as the need to be a multi-tasker are some of the best skills I have learnt.

I know more now than I did before I started. Furthermore, I realised that organising environmental events is not an easy job. Participating in a radio interview, assisting with the organization of the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival awards ceremony, assisting in financial matters in the office, as well as being in charge of managing environmental workshops were all new experiences for me.

These new experiences also helped develop and improve my skills in communication and writing. Sometimes situations do get stressful for me but the good thing is, I think I can work better under pressure now. I will miss all the memorable moments and our good times with the EcoKnights. EcoKnights I’m really blessed to be a part of your organization’s team. Thanks for the opportunity and all the best for future projects. Cheers.

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