Weng Han

Weng HanHey there, my name is Tan Weng Han. I am a BA journalism graduate from the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

A little bit of history here, Mok and I have been friends since high school. In year 2010, we got to know EcoKnights and Ms. Yasmin Rasyid (founder and president of EcoKnights) in one of the environmental conferences we have participated in. We have been thinking to come back to EcoKnights someday. Last year, due to my journalistic assignment, I managed to contact Ms. Yasmin Rasyid again for a video interview (with Mok as my assignment-consultant because it was a scientific / environmental documentary) and that rekindles back the enthusiasm in us. And right now with the gap year in between, voila! Here we are with the EcoKnights, the feeling is like a fan who can finally work together with his idol.

My internship experience at EcoKnights has been fruitful. It is about practical hands-on experience coupled with the typical paperwork. My daily duty is to make sure our social media channels are ‘healthy,’ that majorly involves crafting content and keeping track with the newest environmental issues. But the real interesting part is when we get to involve in the tasks of project management. All the four of us interns and our bosses have to coordinate very well with each other so that things can go according to plan. I have participated in 4 major projects (which are awareness-themed events) and a lot of side-projects since my enrolment to the team in September. I must say that there are not many of us in the office yet we still managed to roll out events that attracted hundreds to thousands of participants. And of course, the process was tiring but then, since these are big projects, we were also bestowed many free perks from many of our sponsors. Thanks to EcoKnights, I had my very first cruising experience in life in Langkawi for free!

Well, one important thing I learnt from this internship experience is that there is literally no such thing as ‘perfection’ (zero flaw, exceptionally smooth, and beyond expectation all the time) in reality. There can only be practice, practice, and practice to make sure that you are not outside of the sidewalk which can cause things to go haywire. There is a difference between job experience and practice. You can have years and years of job experience but still remain at where you are, not forward or backward. But ‘practice’, is the more daring yet safe version of ‘job experience.’ It invites you to try out things that you have never done before; it invites you to tap into your inner ambition to be innovative; it invites you to step out of your comfort zone and makes you stop defending your weakness. Nobody was born a Jedi, it is through practising only one can do his job well. For my case, I never knew that I can actually handle projects, I mean I was a journalism graduate you see, and I obviously knew nothing about the SOPs of executing projects at all. Thankfully, EcoKnights trusted me and has provided me the safe heaven to practise my skills. Now, I am confident that I will not fail at project management. If you’re reading this, you should try out an internship opportunity with EcoKnights too! Achievements unlocked!

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