Mok Yi Ying

Mok Yi Ying Nothing seems right here. Something is definitely going on, and it’s no ordinary stuffs.

I sat down, look around, haven’t got my chair warmed up then reality kicks in. When I joined EcoKnights, every hand and brain was into The 8th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF), which was going tohappened from the 16th to 18th October. Organizing such festival is no joke, in where preparation, coordination, and execution are put to test. Till the day itself, I’m still trying to grasp my breath, as this bombastic event includes so many varies, ranging from back-to-back films screening, to workshops and green market, also performances all day round. I was literally everywhere during the festival, making sure everything is in position, waiting to rock and roll. I even remembered some Green Market vendors were counting how many times I passed by their booth, saying “Hey Mok, you’d broke the record of the day! Twelve times!”, and I always replied “HAHAHAHA”. Thankfully, KLEFF is a success! Right after KLEFF, without any delay, we push ourselves towards more and more events, for such Local Agenda 21 (LANCE), Langkawi Eco Film Festival (LEFF) and Knights of Nature (KON). And I hasn’t realise my internship placement is going to end soon when all events settles down. Everything was a buzz since day 1 till the very end.

Being a knight has equipped me with determination to concur all obstacles and challenges. We fight for time to meet deadlines for tasks and assignment. We multitask at the peak point to manipulate as much resources as possible in a short time. We get better and stronger every time as we hook to the momentum, finishing delegated task faster and with minimal mistakes. We work hardest and we play harder whenever we got the chance, we don’t let go of it (and we even asked for more!). Some might ask, how do you survive at EcoKnights? Be multipurpose, as easy as that, and in return, they will take you to a new level where I, myself had never known that I’m capable of doing such.

It’s bitter and sweet in this small team. All those different personality in a small compact box, then BOOM!! Be prepared for the unexpected from those little people from 41, Lorong Burhanuddin 11, TTDI. Thank you so much for taking me in, to be a knight, to be part of the team! Hopefully in the future, I can still be good use of EcoKnights, growing strong and healthy together!

A tiny report from Mok, a fun-sized intern, also a fresh graduate from Biodiversity Conservation & Management Year 2014/2015, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT).

- With lots of love, Mok Yi Ying