Wang Jian Wen

Wang Jian WenWAZZZUPPPPPP. My name is Wang Jian Wen, a degree student from UCSI University. I am currently on my second year in pursuing a degree in Mass Communication.

It was actually pretty unexpected for me to have my internship in an NGO like EcoKnights but I am glad that I made that move. Before this, I was repeatedly rejected by cooperate companies because I only have two months to work and they wanted at least three. So EcoKnights was the first NGO I applied and I got a place on the spot. That gave me a good feeling for accepting EcoKnights’ offer.

Well, about the job here, I was assigned to manage EcoKnights’ social media and also to help out on managing events. Yes, I did shed sweat and blood but it was all definitely worth the effort to gather the experience and exposure given to me. In just a month I have already experienced organizing camps for youths, meeting indigenous people, meeting new people, and the list goes on. Almost every week, I would discover something new, whether it is job related or not.

Apart from that, I was treated well by my supervisors and intern mates. Society tends to tell me that in our working lives, no one treats anyone well. But EcoKnights has proven them wrong. We were like family as we work, eat and even sleep together. We had a momentum together to accomplish what is needed and what is required. Therefore, I worked in a stress-free environment where the results are always achieved.

I also do always get this advice on always picking huge cooperate companies for my internship so that I could secure a safe spot for my future career but what is life when you keep thinking about securing your career? Every one of us will dedicate half of our lives to our careers so why worry right now? So whoever who is reading this, I would strongly advice future interns to try being interns in NGOs like EcoKnights if you want to experience and discover something new without having the idea of ‘jobs’ and ‘careers’. It is a win-win situation where you help others and you yourself gain exposure and experience.

Perhaps what I wrote here might sound over exaggerating or I’m just making things up. But that is for you to find out by joining EcoKnights.

I would like to personally thank Yasmin and Fadly, for having me; Mok, Phil and Shi Min for helping me and being great intern mates, Awang, Anna and Ashaari to liven things up in the office and the rest of the Knights which made my internship great as a whole.

Meow Meow, the office mascot was a bonus for me in EcoKnights. I have a soft spot for cats. Don’t judge me.
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