Shi Min

Shi MinHello world! My name is Shi Min. I’m studying degree of Biotechnology in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Kelana Jaya, Selangor have joined EcoKnights in September. I have learnt about EcoKnights from two course seniors who previously worked as intern with this Environmental NGO.

Before I joined EcoKnights, I used to picture EcoKnights as an NGO which usually runs smaller activities in a small community. As I joined EcoKnights, I found it is entirely different than my previous thought. Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest was my first task which I was assigned to work alongside with senior interns. With no previous working experience, I felt challenged as I was given tasks outside of my comfort zone, especially when communication is involved, as communication skill is my biggest weakness. I was in total perplexed state when I picked up an office call for the first time, and was totally nervous to begin a conversation with someone new. However with encouragement from my supervisors, fellow seniors and colleagues, I learnt to overcome fears and is able to approach the others and communicate in a more efficient way.

Apart from that I used to be a lone worker until I started my internship in EcoKnights, where teamwork is compulsory and essential to create synergy, overcome all kind of obstacles and reach our common aim-- to make our event better than past years.

After some experience with event planning, I have realized the importance of communication and networking in an industry. There is no way that an organisation can be formed without good communication and network. Besides, I also learnt that good things does not come easily, like the infamous Chinese proverb, “Three minutes glory on stage, ten years hard work off the stage”, all the necessary procedures to initiate an event, from data collection to event execution require a lot of hard works, teamwork and patience to be done. This realization teaches me to appreciate activities and events out there instead of giving criticisms. Aside of learning new skills and such, I have found that I understood myself better than before. From each of the projects I have worked on, I have gradually identified my strength, weakness and where my passion lies. Although at times the workload could be overwhelming to tackle, but the results we obtained in return are certainly worth the hardships.

In fact there are obstacles for myself to be an intern here as the job scope does not match my academic background and requirement, but I’m really, really glad that I have made my own bold decision and have chosen the right place, regardless it is just my luck or God’s will, that I have learnt to overcome my greatest weakness (es) and open up myself, to trust and of course to widen up my narrow circle. Like a famous quote, give a man fish you feed him a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, instead of be given of what I wanted, I have been taught to chase after my dreams and make it a reality. I couldn’t express my gratefulness to all members in EcoKnights, especially Yasmin, the founder of EcoKnights and my on-site supervisor, Fadly, who have been guiding me throughout my internship duration with a lot of patience and concern. Lastly, keep it up guys, best wishes for EcoKnights and will see you again in KLEFF 2016!

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