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Here’s what our volunteers say:

Recently in June, 18 year old Samira Olei volunteered for EcoKnights once a week in the office assisting the Program Director with weekly projects in the office. Here’s a summary of Samira’s experience with us. 

Upon finishing SPM, life became very free.  I had loads of free time on my hands, sometimes a bit too much.  Finally one day, somebody told me that an organization called EcoKnights had visited my old school to give a talk on their Anugerah Hijau programme, which at first, I thought I’d take part in.  Despite eventually deciding against the initial decision, EcoKnights was now a name no longer unfamiliar to me. 

     Upon looking up their website, I found that they accepted interns and volunteers, which I thought would be a great stepping stone if I were to ever find myself in an environmental related field, like Environmental Science, which I had given much consideration to.  Seeing as EcoKnights fights for an environmental cause, I decided to send in an email, showing my interest in joining their volunteer programme.

     I received a reply not long afterwards, explaining that a Skype interview would be required and after a few more emails, a date and time were set.  Honestly, I have never been interviewed before so this was definitely something new and very scary.  However, I think it went all right.v1Samira is seen here assisting in a sustainability camp for primary school kids.

     So it was all set, I’d come into the office Wednesday to Friday, from 3 pm to 6 pm, for a duration of nearly a month, from the 13th of May to the 12th of June.

     My first day was definitely nerve wrecking, having never worked before.   I was afraid of all sorts of things, with different bad scenarios on replay in my head.  However, upon entering the office space and meeting other interns, those thoughts were immediately replaced by how welcomed I felt.  Everybody I met was nice and treated me with respect, which I very much appreciated.

v2Samira volunteered to conduct fun and engaging activities on sustainability with the juniors in the camp     I did not have a specific job scope but instead was given tasks.  I had to look for articles for the Facebook page on my first day, fill information into the database, shop for supplies for an upcoming camp and I even got to become a facilitator for a camp. 

  I think the camp would have to be the most unforgettable experience for me.  Being amongst children, helping them and even running my own session was a truly rewarding experience.  Something I would never trade for anything else.  In the beginning, after finding out that I had to conduct my own session, I was scared, just plain scared.  However, upon seeing the other interns breeze through their own presentations and show nothing but confidence, I guess one could say I was inspired.  After all, don’t we learn from those around us?

     All in all, despite not having been with EcoKnights for a long time, I do feel like I’ve learnt a lot that will definitely help me with life.  I’m even proud of telling others that I was with EcoKnights for a while.  Hopefully someday in the future, I’ll complete an internship programme with EcoKnights.

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