Jeanne Lim

intern jeanne

  1. Name: Jeanne Lim
  2. Nationality: Malaysian

I was lucky enough to participate in a few of corporate events with EcoKnights. For instance, I joined corporate responsibility training workshop at Maybank which was led by Puan Yasmin and gained much knowledge about CR. Corporate sustainability forum opened my eyes too. Besides, I improved my skills to communicate and persuade through helping Alliance to arrange some vendors/workshop facilitators for their CR events and also by observing how Puan Yasmin managed her meetings and discussions with various partners. I brushed up my teamwork skill through working with KDU student volunteers to design checkpoints’ activities at AVEDA Walk for Water event and organized exhibitions with EK team at Green Market@Publika, Green Carnival@MMU Cyberjaya and SIEPC Carnival@UPM. Last but not least, I contributed partly to coordination and arrangement of upcoming KLEFF workshops.

Amazingly I experienced a number of “first times” with EcoKnights. I experienced my first time leading a film screening and sharing session at Sunway International School. For the first time, I gained my first island experiences for a community project at Pulau Tioman and a youth camp at Pulau Langkawi. First time ever I performed as a solo flute player in front of a small crowd without looking at music score!

No one defined specific roles for me in EcoKnights. I was assigned with a number of tasks from time to time. I understood that working in a small team like EcoKnights, everyone should be dynamic and flexible, which I believe that was where lots of learning opportunities came from. Most of the times, lessons were learnt from failures I made. I was extremely grateful that EcoKnights was generous to give me chances to do, learn and grow. Meeting these awesome Knights at EK-MENGO would be one of the unforgettable memories in my life. I truly like this humane organization.

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