Voon Su Yin

intern suHi, I’m Su and I am currently enrolled in a Mandarin Program in Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing.

During my time interning at EcoKnights I was involved in the planning and communications of a few annual EcoKnights events such as the Anugerah Hijau Sustainable Youth Competition and the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival. My whole experience at EcoKnights has been an unforgettable one. Besides meeting a passionate group of people that I have learned a lot from, I was also continually challenged by the tasks that were delegated to me. Interning at EcoKnights was also a joy as I got to volunteer at different events that deepened my knowledge on local environmental issues and on the organizations and people in this sector. I would definitely recommend people to intern at EcoKnights if they're looking for a challenging yet fun time.

  1. Name: Voon Su Yin
  2. Nationality: Malaysian
  3. City of Residence: Malaysia
  4. Field/course of study: Commerce (Marketing & Economics)
  5. Duration of internship: 4 months; From June 2013 to September 2013


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