Jia Qi

jiaqiHi there, my name is Jia Qi and I am studying Public Relations in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. Right now, I have already completed my internship at EcoKnights. In my rather short experience of the working world I can say that the working environment at EcoKnights is by far the best I have encountered. The small size of the organisation coupled with the very comfortable work space makes it an enjoyable and relaxed environment. It is like a big family here with plenty of laughs and a general positive attitude. Everyone is very approachable, which makes me feel very comfortable asking questions and subsequently led to me learning more. 

At first, I really didn’t know what EcoKnights is, what they do, what their main role is and how their environment is like. My first day at EcoKnights started with a little bit of embarrassment - I wore formal attire and looked good but when I entered the EcoKnights office, I saw all of the staff wearing just t-shirts and they gave me perplexed looks (Haha.).

From there I met Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar, also known as FABS, the brain of EcoKnights as well as my supervisor. I was a programme intern and got assigned to many tasks during my internship here at EcoKnights. During that period, I was involved in many programs and events such as the Green Market, and Kenanga Earth Month. I felt contented because I learnt something new here. Thanks to Mok, the Outreach Officer of EcoKnights because she shared a lot of new things with me especially in event-organizing. I also helped to draft out some press releases, thanks to Nabila, the Education Officer of EcoKnights for sharing me the knowledge on how to write press release in proper ways.

EcoKnights has given me the opportunity to see so much potential in the Public Relations field than I am able to learn in the classroom. I have developed many skills and have a greater concept of what to expect after college. My internship has provided me a greater understanding of what I have learned in the lectures as I was given the opportunity to apply it in real situations. One of the greatest benefits that I have received is the realisation of  myself  actually enjoy doing what I have been studying for.

The team at EcoKnights is unique, to say the least. They were the most welcoming group I have ever come across. Everyone’s door was opened and they were always willing to help me out even if I didn’t regularly talk to them. I would like to say that I was lucky to have the whole EcoKnights team during my internship period at EcoKnights. Thanks to you guys, you all make my life more colorful, I will miss you all!! Last but not least, I will implement all the knowledge and the experience I have gained here to get what I want in my life.

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